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Pointing Fingers By An Anonymous Writer


Hello Dear Readers, before I start, I would love to say that this is Friday Inspirations coming late. I am so sorry for this. This is because, I was away. I hope you get inspired by this amazing write-up.

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Matthew 1:18-19
Mary was found with child before she was married and Joseph "being a just man" WAS NOT WILLING TO MAKE HER A PUBLIC EXAMPLE. (Paraphrased)

Although it was wrong for Mary to be pregnant before marriage, Joseph did not want to disgrace her publicly because he was a righteous man. True righteousness does not attempt to put others down in other to magnify our own standing.
Many Christians today announce their righteousness by emphasizing the struggles of sinners. Some remove attention from themselves by pointing accusing fingers at other people. People now preserve their identity by unmasking other peoples identity.

Jesus said logs should be removed from our own eye before we complain about the speck in other peoples eye. (Luke 6:42). We are usually more guilty of whatever struggles we attempt to unmask or reveal in other peoples life.

Many people aspiring for marriage always pray to God to reveal the true personality of their potential partner. God usually honours it but He reveals yours as well. God would not reveal the speck in the eyes of your potential spouse without first revealing the log in yours. God is avowed to our confidentiality.

When you use your hands to point out and laugh at someone who's towel has fallen off, you are not mindful of the fact that your own towel has fallen off too. God only points to other peoples speck by making reference to yours.

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  1. I thought as much,welcome back dear.really inspiring.just like the the word which says,we shouldn't judge others because we do not know their story...Also we shouldn't point fingers at people because the remaining four fingers are pointed back at us.tnx for sharing this.

    1. Thank you dear.
      You are more than right, judging and condemning others when we ourselves are no better. Let God be the judge.


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