Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Recent Favourite Make-up Haul

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Okay, Ladies, I know this is funny but it is so true. Johnson Baby Powder happens to be my recent favourite make-up haul in my possession right now. 
Yes I know I gave a full list of my favourite make-up brands here >>>  but since I started using this Johnson baby powder, I find myself not needing brown powder again. I hardly even use concealer again. 

I earlier published a post explaining why every girl needs a concealer in her life here >>>  but of recent, I find myself not really needing it. Though I still do wear concealer but not everyday like before just once in a while. Maybe because lately I have being wearing a neutral/natural make-up look. But I really don't think that is the reason why. Johnson baby powder just leaves you not needing a concealer. 
Johnson baby powder has this fresh smoothness it gives to your skin. One of the reasons why this powder happens to be my recent favourite make-up is because, when you wear it, there is no need touching up your make-up for the rest of the day. The way your face was in the morning when you applied your make-up is the way your face will be when you get back at night. Awesome right?
I guess you now know why this happens to be my favourite make-up haul right?

The great thing about this powder it that, it is way cheaper than the price of any brown powder you can lay your hands on. Not saying all these because of its price. Maybe when you check it out for yourselves you will believe me right? *Smiles* Just thought it will inspire someone out there to look and feel beautiful.  

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    3. I am glad you were inspired by this post dear.
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  2. Now I know why you're drop alive gorgeous!


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