Thursday, 11 December 2014

My Inspiration For The Week And Mid-Week Inspiration Collections.- Part B

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Hello Beautiful People!

Welcome to the continuation of Part A of My Inspiration For The Week And Mid-Week Inspiration Collections, which you can find here >>>  This post is all about my sharing inspirations through pictures.

This is just to keep you and I inspired, during the week. As explained here >>>   (which includes my social media accounts links) these pictures will be shared every Sunday/Monday as Inspiration For The Week on my social media accounts and also every Wednesday/Thursday as Mid-Week Inspiration.

I decided to share it on my blog because it won't be fair if I leave my blog readers in the dark because there are some blog readers who visit my blog without following me on Twitter or on Facebook or my Facebook page and Google Plus. It won't be fair if we leave them out, will it? No it won't.

Please find below some (20) of my Inspiration For The Week and Mid-Week Inspiration Collections so far: ENJOY and BE INSPIRED!

  1) Your faithfulness to God will bring you divine favour but also lots of enemies.

2) But as long as you remain faithful to God and never let Him go...

3) God will prove to you what a faithful Father and God He is.

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Always give God the respect and honour due to Him. Never see yourself as God's equal.



Please read carefully. 1/3

After he realised how wrong he was, he then repented and returned all the glory back to God. 2/3

... 3/3. God has made you who are. Please acknowledge HIM ALWAYS and never allow Him regret blessing you.

To Be Continued...

Be Inspired. 

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  1. Tnx for this inspirational words.chidinma,well done dear.saved Dem up for my dp.

  2. You are welcome Anthonia. I do appreciate it.


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