Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Ladies, 10 Different Ways To Carry/Hold Your Bag


They say ladies are known for their diamonds, but the truth is that ladies are known for 3 major things and they are :
1) Their bags
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1) Their make-ups
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3) Their shoes
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It is commonly known in every part of the world that a lady never jokes with her bags.
 A lady actually feels incomplete or close to naked without her bags. Men usually make fun us of ladies that they can find the world in a lady's bag. Well...that is why we are called ladies in the first place right? *Winks*

With out love for bags, it is great to know that there are different ways to carry/hold of your bags and still look and feel stylish, beautiful, classy,confident and above all elegant.

Below are 10 different ways to carry/hold your bags. I hope you get inspired by them, I sure will! ENJOY!
Carry/hold your bag on your shoulder

You carry/hold your bag by its 2 hands

You carry or hold your bag with your arm and forearm

Carry/hold your bag by the bottom  

You carry/hold your bag by passing your hands through the hand of the bag and supporting it by the bottom

Another angle view of the above picture

Carry/hold your bag by the middle of your bag hands.

P.S- The below pictures are how to carry/hold your purse bags or sling bags

You carry/hold your bag at the top of the bag 

Carry/hold your bag crossed in between your shoulder and your arm

Carry/hold your bag by the bottom

Carry/hold your slanted in between your armpit and your forearm 

Be Inspired To Look And Feel Beautiful

I hope you have been inspired. I sure have! I just learnt different ways of carrying/holding my bag that I never knew of. SO HAPPY!!! Please do share with others by clicking on the social media buttons at the left hand side of this post to inspire them too.

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  1. Nice article, but why do some ladies carry bags that can hide a new born baby without notice :D It looks good on most ladies tho but some ladies don't know which color or what type of bag to carry.

    My lady won't go out without her bag of small purse depending on the outing and yea it sure looks good on her and most if not all ladies.

    1. Lol. Funny comment I must say.
      Well, that is why we are all here to inspire one another and also for you to inspire them.

  2. Yeah. Style No; 2 is my fav. I remember my kidding days when I used to carry back for my mom and big aunt. It's was fun I must say. No I help my fiancée a lot in carrying hers. And style no;2 is still for me all day everyday

    1. Great dear. Glad to know you know a thing or two about bags. Please kindly share with others to inspire them too.

    2. Yay. See grammar. Too many errors. Bag not back please. It was not it's was. Now I help not No I help

  3. Great pictures,can't do without them.i love good bags.


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