Saturday, 6 December 2014

Guys, How To Look Like Kings On Causal Wears


I intentionally put the above picture as the introductory picture for this post cos this happens to be my BEST causal outfit on men. A pair of short sleeve or a long sleeve shirt folded as a short sleeve or 3/4 shirt tucked into a pair of 3/4 shorts with a nice belt, paired with some great shoes... brown or grey. LOVE IT!

Most men dress their best for work but forget to also look like kings after office hours i.e. on causal wears. Kings always stand out in whatever they put on, be it in office wears, causal wears, semi corporate or traditional wears above all, they carry themselves with grace and confidence.

P.S- Remember, there is a thin line between confidence and pride, please be sure not to cross it. 

Need an inspiration on how to dress, look and feel like kings on causal wears? Not to worry, the pictures below are great inspirations on how to do so. You will notice how the outfits of the men in the below pictures are so simple but sophisticated. This is to say that a king doesn't need to put the world (lots of accessories) on him before he is recognised as a king. A king steps out with class and no matter what ever he wears, he always stands out.  
 As you see them, I hope you get Inspired. ENJOY!

I hope you were inspired by the above pictures? Did you notice something about the dressings of the men above? Aside from their outfits looking simple but sophisticated, did you notice that none of them sagged their shorts or trousers? Did you notice that none of them wore a shirt that is overly tight? 
You can find more here>>>   on what a man (king) should not be found wearing i.e Men's Fashion Faux Pas.

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Be Inspired To Dress, Look And Feel Like A King.

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  1. Nice one, but nowaday, wearing shorts has
    gotten out of fashion for the new-borns. hope your posts inspire them to cause a continuation of it.



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