Friday, 19 December 2014

Friday Inspirations- Look there, It's 2015!..Hello Handsome... By Chiamaka Nneka


It is December 2014. The year 2015 is almost here. I feel so excited! #doingmyhappydance

The new year signifies different things to different people. Some may dread the new year but to most of us, it represents a new dawn. Or a new chance at life. A fresh slate. An opportunity to correct mistakes. Time to fall in love. Get out of an abusive relationship. Buy that new house. Get promoted in our work place. Increase our earning capacity. Get serious about God. Pass an exam. Say 'I Do' to our significant other. A continuation of our dreams. Or an era of entirely different dreams or perspectives. A season of new sets of dreams and goals. New year resolutions! Never mind that I have forgotten most of my resolutions for 2014.

Now, whether we choose to accept it or not, when it comes to the dream department, most of us fall into one or more of the following categories and these categories affect our dreams and reality;

Ahh, yes. I have been in this department for a long time now. H.O.D. Well, I do not need a tarot card reader to explain why my ship still has not come in. Its simple. Do Nothing, be nothing. Let us give the witches in our villages a break and put the blame on where it truly lies. On Ourselves. Me. You are where you are because you don't proceed after making your beautiful plans. You just hope it falls into place. How cliché.

Hey pretty lady, do not just hope that something happens, work to ensure that it does happen. A lazy man says there is a lion in the street. Young man, if there truly is a lion, please use the next street. Don't just lay there. Do something. If you can not beat them, arrange to have them beaten. By all means, Move. Fight to make your dreams a reality.

Singing to myself 'get rich or die tryin'..Yeah, you know how we roll. We busier than The Creator. Hustling'. Ok, enough. STOP ALREADY. We are often guilty of spending quality time and resources perfecting the art of NOTHINGNESS. Do not buy into the workaholic hype. Always choose smart work over hard work. If you don't have a valid plan on how to achieve your dreams, you are just a time waster. A joker. The end.

Contrary to what Dr. Uwaila often humorously said, do not 'form busy'. Get busy, if you must, but most importantly, be productive. If not, please go to sleep. Trust me, a refreshing sleep can prove to be very productive. Just ask Ada. 

Yes, I'm usually in the first group, but sometimes, I upgrade to this group. They told us that dreams come true. But guess what? They lied. Dreams don't come true, rather, it is your goals/plans that can forever change your life.You need to set goals in order turn your dreams into reality.

What plans do you put in place to make your dreams a reality? Do you act on these plans? What plans have you actively put in place to start your dream business? Oh, you have decided to buy a car? Good for you! Now, where will the funds come from? Having you started saving towards it? Or are you taking out an auto loan? Have you inquired about the necessary steps for which ever course of action you choose? After making inquiries, have you started acting?

You have to hustle your dream. Remember, the dream is free but the hustle is sold separately.


Pray. Dream. Hustle.

Best category ever.

Phil 3:14-16
God wants you to have dreams. To live life abundantly. But your dreams have to be consistent with His plans. Dont ever apologise for loving God. Love Him whole heartedly. Believe Him completely. Seek His Kingdom first. Let Him be the One who put the dreams in your heart. Let your hustles be in line with your God given dreams. As you think in your heart, so are you. Please, refuse to be negative towards your Maker. Do not think godly and secular have to be separated. Pray to God about your ideas. Be in constant communion with your Creator King. Studying the scriptures is key. Align yourself with the will of God.

Strive. Thrive. Achieve exponentially.

Now, take out some time and reflect deeply and honestly. Which category do I fall in? Am I satisfied with my present category? If no, where do I wish to get to? What positive steps am I taking in preparation of meeting of 2015 dreams? Do you think these steps/ plans are valid enough to make your dreams become reality? Do your plans get you excited about the coming year? Does it make you eagerly anticipate 2015 and beyond? When the clock strikes 12, on New Year Eve, are you going to be able to truly smile and shout 'Its 2015!...Hello Handsome'

To Be Continued...

Be Inspired.

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  1. Interesting. Well articulated.

  2. Noted. My own dream next year is to get married o. What plan will I set to ensure that this becomes a reality?

    1. Stop making all those selection process you do, and focus on finding the good side of your guy and be submissive and let it show in your actions you are ready to settle down, the guy might just pop the one million dollar question.....

      The rest na history...

    2. All I can say is, be yourself and hand it over to God & trust Him to take control. It will happen when you least expect.

  3. lol @datigbochick
    nice and humorous write up
    and for d records, sleep is really good!

  4. Another article that got me thinking, I can't go to bed without checking your site to get inspired....

    Am sure my 2015 is gonna be great...

    1. Thank you dear. I do appreciate your kind words.

    2. Thank you too for making me a regular visitor with your inspiring stories

  5. can't wait for the continuation of this amazing inspirational write up...welldone aunty chi


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