Friday, 5 December 2014

Friday Inspirations- Celebrating Talent Episode 4 : Vera Wang & Her Amazingly Beautiful Wedding Dresses


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Back to today's Friday Inspirations. What a coincidence right? Our last episode of celebrating talent was about a wedding photographer (you can find more on episode 3 above) and this week's episode is about an amazing wedding dress designer by name Vera Wang (pictured above).  

Everyone know who Vera Wang is but if you don't know, I will try and shed little light on who she is. Vera Wang is an AMAZING fashion designer. She designs wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses and the least goes on and on. 
It is every girl's dream to walk down the isle on one of Vera Wang's wedding dresses. But you need a lot of saving to spoil (splurge) yourself with one of Vera Wang's designs.

Vera Wang recently partnered with H&M. That is, you get to see and wear her amazing designs at affordable prices. Vera Wang is a multiple award winner and she is also a Big Gun in the fashion industry. Rather than go on and on about Vera Wang, I think pictures will explain better, right? ENJOY and Be Inspired!

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