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Friday Inspiration: A Few Weight Loss Tips By Ibukun Oniwide


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Weight loss is one of our biggest struggle these days, and we should do everything to win this! This is not just about looking slim and feeling good but being healthy, a lot of diseases can be traced back to obesity or excess fat in the body. If there is one thing you can do, is take care of the body that God lives in. Do me a favour, forget about those excuses: I have big bones, we are all fat in my generation, I love myself the way I am, those are just lazy excuses, If truly you Love yourself, you will do your heart a favour and take out the fat, so it can breath well...

A few tips you can use:

-First we pray, commit all you ways unto God and He will direct your path. God cares about every single detail of your life. And wants you to have the best things in Life even if it cost Him His life, He will make sure you get it!

-Forget about fizzy drinks, trust me you can do without them. Forget biscuits, cakes, ice cream, sweets, chocolate. Excess sugar in your body is converted to fat, daily! You have enough sugar in rice, and some cabs already.
-Take one day in a week to detoxify, only fruits all day. It flushes away a load of toxic items in your body, and yes you definitely loose something that day.

-Reduce your cab intake, most of our Nigerian food have so much cabs in them, choose carefully. Eating too much cabs not only makes you add weight but you are deprived of all the nutritional benefits in other classes of food that are good for your skin, hair, eyes, nails. Eat can in just 1 meal a day. No cabs for breakfast and dinner. You will loose weight. -Feeling cold, drink green tea, it's has loads of other benefits apart from weight loss.

-No pastries at all, bread will make you tummy swell! Except wheat bread. 
Instead of pounded yam all the time, you can try wheat meal, eat more of wheat. It's amazing with Okro soup.

-Make your salad interesting, add a lot of chicken without the skin.

-A lot of stores sell whole wheat pasta, you can cook with spicy shrimp sauce and some sweet corn, very healthy for lunch.

-Smoothiessssssssss yummy...make a lot of smoothies and fresh fruit drinks chilled or with ice in them, you never gonna miss fanta or coke.

-Exercise cannot be overemphasized, take long walks, takes the stairs, jog with friends, have a partner, remind each other, go out jogging, learn how to swim, it's fun and yes you will loose weight, don't drive everyday, take BRT! Be active and be healthy 

...Watch this space for more tips

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  1. Ermm..bukunpearls, isnt it carbs? Or is it also called cabs?

  2. Feeling cold? Drink green tea kwa? All these oyinbo things. Biko if you feel cold, goan meet ur hubby or if you are single, goan help your mother out in d kitchen. The heat from the stove is sufficient to chase all ur cold..


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