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An Easy Guide On How To Prepare Vegetable Soup

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Welcome back to this segment on the blog where we inspire ourselves on how to cook. This segment started with this post>>> more posts on this segment thus far will be written below this post.

The aim of this segment as stated in the above post is to inspire us ladies/women on how to cook certain kinds of foods that we do not know how to cook. It is also to inspire ladies and women who do not know how to cook. Also, it is meant to inspire the guys to learn how to cook, especially the bachelors and together, we will inspire one another. Because let's be honest, eating out is pretty expensive. Right?

P.S- If  there is any food you will like to teach us on how to cook it, please email me the name of the food and the recipe of the food on and I will share it on this blog. Don't worry, you will be acknowledged as the full custodian of the recipe okay? *Smiles*

Back to the post. Vegetable soup is a soup or dish everyone loves...Well, I won't really talk for everyone but I can say, most people loves eating vegetable soup. Now that we are in the festive season, this soup will be prepared in most homes and served in most restaurants.

Ingredients needed:
- Vegetable leaves: The required quantity you need
- Chicken
Remember, that we all about eating healthy. So it is advisable you oven cook your chicken. You can find more about that here >>> 
- Dry fish
- Fresh pepper or dry pepper. It all depends on how you want it really.
- Crayfish (grinded)
- Maggi (seasoning)
- Salt
- Palm oil (Red oil)
- Little onions for taste

How to prepare vegetable soup:
- Get your stock ready.
This is how you prepare your stock. You put little quantity of water into the pot, put your oven cooked chicken, add little onions for taste, add salt and maggi as seasoning and leave for 6-10 minutes, then bring it down from the fire.
- Pour your stock into your soup pot.
- Put your vegetable leaves into the stock. This is after you have washed and cut your vegetables.
- Then add little, very little water cos vegetable soup do not require too much water.
- Pour your palm oil into the pot.
Remember, we are trying to eat and live healthy so the quantity of palm oil you will put into the pot will be little.
- Stir
- Cover the pot and leave for 2-5 minutes. This is to ensure that the nutrients in the vegetable is not destroyed.
And VIOLA your soup is ready!

You can serve this delicious soup with pounded yam, semo, eba etc. It all depends on how you want to eat it.

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Be Inspired To Look And Feel Healthy.

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  1. Efo riro...yaay! *Hungry* lol

  2. This steps is different from the one I know. I am a bachelor anyway. What do I know. Lol.
    Thanks for sharing.

    I look forward to reading a post on how to make peanut soup.

  3. For bachelors in the house,tnx aunty for sharing.looks yummy.

  4. Thanks for sharing this post, will try out your method.


  5. Thanks for sharing this post, will try out your method.


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  7. Hello my dear readers. I am so sorry that today's day 3 challenge was not published, it will be published together with day 4 challenge. Please bear with me


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