Monday, 22 December 2014

Dare To Peplum! Dresses & Skirts


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Peplum is not just a one time fashion trend but an ageless fashion trend. Meaning that peplum stands the test of time. I.e You can wear peplum when you are a youth and still get to wear it, when you are an adult.

Peplum is an outfit that makes any lady/woman step out in style without trying too much. That is, no need to over accesorise your outfit. Because with or without accessories, you are already looking chic, fabulous,classy and beautiful. Peplum comes in different forms- It comes in the form of tops (which was published recently, you can find that here >>> ), dresses and skirts.

Peplum can be worn simply everywhere... You can wear it  as a causal wear, you can wear it to a wedding, to a graduation ceremony, on a dinner date, on a lunch date, to church, to work...just name it!

The great thing about peplum is that, it can be worn by people of different shapes and sizes. Peplum gives the illusion that you have a figure 8 shape or an hourglass shape. So rather than complaining of not having any shape, you are thankful for the beautiful body God has blessed you with.

Rather than doing much of the talking, I believe pictures will doing more of the convincing right? Be Inspired and ENJOY!



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  1. Lovely dress styles, my girlfriend use to dress like this but I never seems to ask her the name of the styles.. Now I know it's Peplum style.

    Sharing this post with her and my female friends on Facebook...

    Thanks for the post

  2. So,this is what they call * sister have one of those,thanks for sharing


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