Thursday, 11 December 2014

Colour Combinations-Episode 4: Yellow and Blue


Ladies! Guys! Come in here, it is episode 4 of COLOUR COMBINATIONS! *Dancing*
I get really excited when it is time to talk about colour combinations because I LOVE BRIGHT COLOURS!!! I love combining colours so much. Whenever I dress up, I must have wear atleast one bright colour, that is a pop of colour >>>   (depending on where I am going to though that is if I am restrained from combining 2 or 3 bright colours). 

We have being taking about Colour Combinations for a while, which you can find here:
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Guys please don't feel left out in the sense that you might be saying ''who will be combining all these bright colours?'' Lol. Then I guess you haven't read this post on ''Who Says Men Cannot Colour Block>>>  or the above episodes.

Yellow is one of my favourite colours and combining it with blue makes you shine like a diamond. Yellow is really a phenomenal colour, now combining it with blue is everything! You just have no other option than to stand out. If you notice, these episodes have all being on combining one colour or the other with the colour blue. This is just to give you a few ideas of colours you can wear with blue. But not to worry, i the next episode, we will change it a bit in terms.

The above colour combinations goes extremely well with leopard prints ( posts on leopard prints for men >>>  and for women >>> ) and also nude colour which was earlier said is the new black (you can find more here >>> 

I really can't wait to share pictures (15) of men and women looking radiantly beautiful and charming. BE INSPIRED... ENJOY!


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  1. wow!!! i love fashion,yellow and blue nice combination...though am a guy,aunty chidinma my fashionista lol
    nice one...

  2. Thank you dear. I do appreciate it... Lol. Yellow and Blue will go well on you dear (like the pictures above). Also check out a post on "Who says men cannot colour block?" (link is in the post) for more inspiration.

  3. you're making me begin to like so cool....

  4. Hv always love dis colour combination,actually made a dress, blue n yellow sometime ago n it came out beautiful.

  5. Wonderful color combination I really like it (Y)..

  6. that look cool with awesome dress... you can try kilts make you more attriactive CAMERON TARTAN KILT


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