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3 Best Ways To Serve (Revenge) Those Who Have Hurt You


According to Google Dictionary, ''revenge means the action of hurting or harming someone in return for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands''.

Many a times we get deeply hurt by people we least expect or by people in general that we say to ourselves ''revenge is just the best answer for this pain''. Like the popularly saying that goes ''revenge is best served cold''.
What does serving revenge cold really mean? It means, pretending that you have forgiven the person and allowing the person believe that you have moved pass the hurt and pain and then you strike. That is what it literally means.

But really, how do you pay back the harm that has been done to you that you just can never forget? Below are 3 best ways to revenge those who have hurt you:

1) Love
It is more like a joke right? I know you might be reading this now and saying ''Chidinma are you really okay? Do you know what so so person did to me that you want me to love him or her? You've got to be kidding?''. But I am telling you now and here that love is one of the greatest antidote for revenge or pay back.
Love them... Be kind to them. Pray for them. The thing is, you are dying of pain and great hurt inside. You have been greatly stabbed in the back that you just don't know how to love those who held a knife and stabbed you so deep. But the truth is, the ONLY person that can really heal you from this pain is GOD. Only God can heal a wounded heart and the best thing about this is that, He will heal you in such a way that you will be wondering, what happened? You will be wondering can I really be healed? How did it happen? God will so heal you that, you will feel great joy and peace within that all you can remember is the lesson the hurt thought to. In the sense that you became wiser but the hurt will be like yesterday that is gone because that hurt will be the very least thing on your mind.

Loving them and praying for them, allows you to hand over the pain and hurt to God and watch how God avenges for you. The sad part is, it is would have been better for them if you revenge than if God avenges for you cos they will wish they never hurt you in the first place (Deuteronomy 32:35) and (Exodus 14:14).

2) Silence
This happens to also be a very great way to revenge those who hurt you. Just act like nothing happened. Silence confuses and torments your enemies cos they are left in the dark about your next move. They actually do not know what you are going to do next.

The truth is, the greatest way to torture someone is by keeping silent. I know someone might be asking ''But how do I let this go? How can I remain silent when I have just been deeply hurt?''. Just like I explained in 1, hand it over to God. Cry to God about it. Knee before Him and cry your eyes out to Him. Ask Him to please heal your wounded heart. Ask Him to please let this pain go. Ask Him to give you the strength to carry on. The great thing, is that, God answers prayers and He will so heal you that you will overwhelmed with so much love from Him.

The irony of it all is that, you carry yourself with great confidence as though nothing happened. To your enemies or to those who have hurt you, you are one strong girl/boy/man/woman but in your closest you are crying like a baby to God. The great part of it all is that, you are letting it all out to your Heavenly Father. The only One that really can take the pains away. So cry my darling. Cry to God and watch Him wipe away your tears but be rest assured that God won't let this go. He will so avenge for you that you will be proud to call Him, Father.

3) The last but not the least is Forgive
The honest truth is, forgiveness is one of the hardest things on earth to do, especially when you have been greatly injured and hurt. But the great thing is that, forgiveness does ONE major thing, it gives you peace of mind. It gives you the strength to look at the face of the person that hurt you and say ''I Forgive You''. The thing is, if you think you can forgive by yourself, you are only joking. Cos no man can forgive by himself. NO ONE! If you think you can forgive by yourself, you only fool yourself. Cos we are made of flesh and blood.Only GOD has the ability to give us the grace to forgive and completely let go.

In the end, those who hurt you will pretty much come to terms with the fact that, ''mehn... I have really done something grave to this person who do not deserve this''. Their heart and conscience will continue to be tormented till they ask for your forgiveness. But the sad thing is, God will still avenge for you. HE ALWAYS WILL.

You can see that the 3, pretty much goes hand in hand or has a great connection. Love sums it all up. Because with love, you get to keep silent and allow God avenge for you. With love, you get to forgive those who has deeply hurt you. So you see my dear, paying back evil for evil WILL NOT help you one bit neither will it give you peace of mind. Because, you are the one who will completely lose. You get to have a very dark heart, because you get to continue scheming for ways to hurt the person. You have to go to a very dark place... a place of of hate, pain, anger etc to really pay evil for evil. I ask, is it really worth it? Why not allow God take control and avenge for you?

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