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12 Reasons Why You Really Need To Eat Sea-Foods


The importance of eating sea foods cannot really be overemphasised. Before we get deep into this post, let's start by understanding what sea foods  are:

According to ''seafoods are edible fish or shellfish from the sea.''

Wikipedia defines seafood ''as any form of sea life regarded as food by humans. It could in form of fish or shellfish''.

This could be- Crab, Salmon, Cod, Catfish, Canned Tuna, Pollock, Tilapia, Shrimp, Scallops/Flatfish amongst others (National Marine Fisheries Services (2009).

Growing up, one way or the other, I really disliked sea-foods, maybe cos of its smell. I really can't place my hands around the reason why I disliked sea-foods so much. Not until recently (say a year and half ago) that I really fell in love with sea-foods.
Once I am served any dish that has sea-foods in it, I get really excited. Sea-foods can be prepared with any food. Be it joll of rice (here is how to prepare it>>>  ), coconut rice (here is how to prepare it>>>  ),bitter leaf soup ( how to prepare it here >>>  ) , stew, sushi (find below), pepper soup and the list goes on and on.

As was earlier mentioned in a recent post on why you need to eat Sushi >>>  (you can find that here) that Salmon is a major ingredient which is used is prepare this delicious dish. And I promised to go in-depth of the health benefits of Salmon. Well... here you have it *Smiles*

My love for sea-foods, made me take it upon myself to find out the health benefits of sea-foods. Yes, we have been told that they are good for us, but not in details what they do in our various bodies and what health benefits does they serve. I hope as you read along, you get inspired to eat more of sea-foods.

12 Reasons Why You Really Need To Eat SeaFoods

1) Sea-foods help reduce our chances of getting any heart disease, which of course is a big deal. Our hearts are extremely delicate. To reduce your chances of suffering any form heart disease in the future be in high blood pressure amongst others, then you need to start eating more of sea-foods.

2) The more you eat sea-foods, the more your blood vessels are free from inflammation i.e bowels diseases and blood cots.

3) The protein found in sea-foods are by far higher than the proteins found in poultries, cattle etc which really is a big deal right? Sea-foods also provides the body with great vitamins like Vitamin A and D and also with minerals like magnesium and selenium which are all very good for the body.

4) There is nothing really more frustrating atimes that always going to the doctors to carry out more eye test and also to change your reading or seeing glasses often? However, the more you eat sea-foods, the more chances of your eyes becoming healthy again and the clearer you begin to see things on your own without the need of reading/seeing glasses.

5) Did you know that the more sea-foods you eat, the more you kiss depression goodbye?

6) Be ready to kiss your chances of having stroke goodbye the more sea-foods you tend to consume.

7) The regular eating of sea-foods by infants helps to develop their brains at a very tender age.

9) Did you know that sea-foods serves as a great relieve for people with asthma?

10) The fat content in sea-foods are little to none. That is why, when trying to lose weight or stay healthy, you are always advised to consume more of sea-foods.

11) Did you know that the more sea-foods you eat, the more your skin tends to glow?

P.S- You can find out here the 7 secrets to a healthy and glowing skin >>> 

12) The more easy foods you eat, the stronger your joints become. Won't it be good for you to see your children play around with other children of their age? Won't it be good for you to move around the way you want to? Then don't you think the introduction of sea-foods to your diet/meal isn't a bad idea?

Having read the above, it is a great idea to eat more of sea-foods right? ENJOY AND STAY HEALTHY!

Be Inspired To Look And Feel Healthy.

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  1. Great article on sea foods. Will try to add more of sea foods to my daily meals.
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