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Why You Need To Eat Sushi More

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I love Sushi! Sushi is a food that has this great and unique taste. An awesome food I must tell you! I got introduced to Sushi by a Chinese friend of mine and I immediately fell in love with it. Sushi is a Japanese food that can be served either hot or cold and it will still have that unique and great taste. But personally, I love when it is served hot.

Ok, before I continue, I would love to say that for now, I do not know how to prepare Sushi, but it is something I must learn cos of my love for it.

The main ingredients for preparing Sushi are:
- Sushi rice/an unscratched rice

- Nori is what is used to wrap the sushi before cutting it

Sushi Wrapper

- Sushi wrapper- You place your nori on top of the Sushi wrapper, you then place your rice, vegetable, salmon amongst others on top of your nori and you then begin to wrap like it is pictured above. After wrapping, kindly remove the Sushi wrapper and slice the way you want it.
- Raw fish/ Salmon
- Then vegetables amongst other things... However, the vegetable that is commonly used in preparing Sushi is avocado pear.

Why do you need to eat this tasty food called Sushi more?
- Sushi happens to be a regular meal eaten in Japan. The normal ingredients found in most Japanese foods are also what is used in preparing sushi. According to Scientist, this might be one of the reasons why Japanese are one of the most healthiest people in the world and they have the lowest rate of heart related diseases.
- Sushi helps lower the risk of  having colon cancer.
- Sushi is a meal that helps fight ones chances of having any heart related diseases.
-  Sushi helps strengthen ones liver, giving one a very healthy liver.
- Because of the salmon content in Sushi, Sushi happens to be very high in protein and it also happens to be a low-calorie food causing it to be a very healthy food and a great meal choice for those trying to shed some weight.
- Nori is enriched with so many nutrients like minerals, magnesium, calcium, iodine, iron, folic acid and antioxidant, Vitamin A,E and C.

You can prepare Sushi which ever way you so choose. With that been said, with the above reasons on why you need to eat Sushi more, will it not be a great idea if you eat Sushi more? I guess it will. ENJOY your meal!

P.S- .A Post with be published later on to shed more light on the health benefits of salmon. avocado and nori.

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