Tuesday, 21 October 2014



Hello Beautiful People!

Shopping for gift items now made easy and affordable! DealDey recently launched her Gift Store which now enables you to gift everything and anything to a loved one. The great part of this is that they are ALL on discount prices!!! That is, you will be given discount for any and every purchase you make. Awesome Right?
You can now gift a:
- Mouth Watering 3 Course Meal
- Sport Armband Case
- 3 Session, Teeth Whitening.
- Spa Pamper Package
- Fruit and Vegetable Juicer
- Vehicle Headlamp Cleaning

- Discounted Hair & Nail Salon Service
- Meat Mincer
- Corn Striper
- Boot Camp Body Crap Kit
- Men & Women Casio Watches
- Feminine Perfumes
- Bluetooth Keyboard for Ipad and Iphone
- Kain Sofa Set
- Chocolate Cake or Butter Cake
- Pizza and Drinks
- A Hotel Stay for 2
- A Buffet
- Side Stools
- Foldable Bag Hanger
- Centre Tables
- Sonitec Rechargeable Fans
- Simba Bicycle for Kids
- Financial Freedom Books by Ogbo Awoke
- Remote Control Organizers
AND THE LIST GOES ON AND GO! Kindly find out more information here >>>  about this great news and to begin SHOPPING! ENJOY!!!

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