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Friday Inspirations- Ground Rules For Unconditional Loving By Ibukun Oniwide


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Human nature...Unreliable, the weakness of the flesh..

Sometimes in life we get hurt/disappointed, again and again, and guess what? By the people we Love the most...even our family..

A lot of times we  feel alone, we  not only feel betrayed but we are betrayed....lied to, stolen from, rejected and broken..

...But what is your reward if you Love only those that Love you?

It's the hardest thing to get on your knees and pray for someone that constantly stabs you with your office, in your family, in your relationship..

...But guess what? That really is true Love.. No one can resist Love forever..

It's the only way to win them over (if you want to).

It's the only way to live a life of inner peace and freedom..

It's one of the greatest signs of strength

Love is the only power that can cause a person to change in a way so divine..

It all starts from the mind...what are you feeding your mind with?

Possibility Mentality: create an environment that only helps you see the good in others, no matter what bad they do..

Do not stand in the way of sinners..

Nor sit in the seat of the scornful..

Surround yourself with positive people..
Don't sit around people that talk negative about other people...

Don't hang around people that compare and contrast husbands, families or want to remind you how sad you should be...
If something is going wrong in your family, and your relationships-office, church anywhere, God does not expect you to be drowned by it...He expects you to get it sorted out through unconditional Love and constant prayers...

That is why He created US in the first Place to be a LIGHT. He Knows the world is dark, the heart of men is wicked, Men are lovers of themselves only...controlled by their lust and selfishness..even those closest to you...

You have that problem in your family, Life and relationship, because God has built the soultion into You.

It is your responsibility to see that Love prevails..despite the Pain.You have everything it takes.

Yes it will take a long while, it will require lots of scarifices from you, many times of dissappointment, but it's Gods command-Love, and we will reap if we faint not.

Do not Give the seed of bitterness a chance. Do not give resentment a chance..

You don't really need their love- because you have one so pure and True from the Almighty, unconditional and everlasting..

They need Love...

The most cruel people in the world, if you get very close to will discover they are in need of Love and acceptance.

Remember, wholeness, completness, unspeakable Joy and satisfaction is determined by the depth of your relationship with God....

Yes we all need to be Loved, sure! But the cannot completely depend on any human for any of these, not even your husband/wife...because of human nature...
You have to be whole in yourself, completely satisfied with Gods Love...Independent of human affection..That is the truth.

This will help You Love people effortlessly..

Buy them gift, give them a call, pray for them, sincerely care about them...

The world is carpeted with wickedness  people need see something different. People need to breath fresh air..they don't want to hear that Love Never fails, they want to experience it.

Ibukun Oniwinde

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