Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday Inspirations- Continuation Of Tips On Love And Relationship By Ibukun Oniwinde


Cont'd from Last week's article (Here >>>  is last week's article in case you missed it). 

These days Marriages are no longer respected..broken homes and broken hearts..terrible up bringing and this has affected our society, there is so much moral decadence everywhere, it all starts from the choices we make

Will you be proud to have a son that is exactly like him?

The society is in despair..young men are deliquent because there is no one to truly look up to, No father figure, No Hero! Married men are sleeping with young girls, committing fraud in their organisations, some are drunkards, woman beaters, irresponsible..who will the young men look up to?? Who will your son look up to?

A faithful man who can find?

That he buys you gifts,takes you round the world and somersaults for you is not the issue, any man can do that.

Men take women abroad, spend lots of money on them even without loving them. A man can give even without Loving

Is He faithful to his words? Is he a man of integrity (words and action)?

Is he trustworthy, does he take responsibility for his conducts or does he push blames?

Does He Love God? Run away from a man who will disobey God's word without thinking....even if he speaks in tongues
Does he Love God? Is he sold out to God

Does He pay his tithe...The devourer will always come, but God will only rebuke the devourer from the man and his family who are committed in tithing.
Is he a man of covenant? A man of's not about the NOW, its about the future, only Grace will get you through rough times (rough times will surely come), only Grace will keep you both together.

What are his goals and vision,Is He hard-working and positive or always blaming Nigeria for his problems?

Don't settle for Less

What are your standard? What kind of man do you want to settle for? Anything in jeans? Or any everyday man..

Marriage is a lifetime covenant..its not for those driven by emotional attraction and that intense feeling they call' Love'...

Love is not about what you feel, Love is a decision to be committed to a person against all odds..

Don't go into a relationship with your heart, Use your head first before your heart.

Don't rush, don't settle for less, don't compromise your standards!!! Base your decisions on Gods words-It Never, Never, Never fails!!!

It might tarry but it will happen!


Pray Now, Pray Now, pray without ceasing, travail in the place of prayer so you can prevail in Life, pray for your future, pray for your children, your marriage, your career, your finances, in times when your are totally down and weak (those times will come) your prayers will keep you going, Grace will hold you strong.

Ibukun Oniwinde
Ff @bukunpearls

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