Friday, 24 October 2014

Friday Inspirations: Celebrating Talent (Episode 3) : BEAUTIFUL Photography By AKINTAYOTIMI


Welcome back beautiful people to Episode 3 of Celebrating talent. Remember Friday Inspirations is an avenue to created on this blog to celebrate the awesome gifts/talents of others and also to use the works of others like songs, pictures, movies, videos etc to inspire others and together we will inspire others. If you are in the dark of what Friday Inspirations is, you can please find out here>>>   or you can search this blog with the hashtag #FridayInspirations to see for yourself what Friday Inspirations is all about.

P.S- You can find here episode 1 >>>  and episode 2 >>>  of Celebrating talent.

Today's episode of celebrating talent is about photographer I have secretly admired his works and I thought to myself ''if you love his works that much, why not celebrate his talent?''.
His name is AKINTAYOTIMI. AKINTAYOTIMI is a wedding and travel photographer, you can find more about him here >>> @_TyMagic by following him on Twitter or by visiting his website here >>>
The truth is, there is photography and there is Photography. It takes someone with a gift/talent in photography to bring out the best and the beauty in anything and in everything. Like I was talking to a sometime who loves photography sometime back and she was said to me, I love photography but I don't know what to snap or how to start taking pictures and I said to her ''if you really love photography the way you say you do, anything and everything will be an inspiration to you and you will just find yourself snapping/taking pictures of everything. Cos there is inspiration in everything, you just have to open your eyes to see them ''. You can find a post related to that here >>>  on Just Start!

The things that you think, will not be beautiful in pictures, this great photographer has a way of bringing out the best and the beauty of things in pictures. There is just this ''element of class'' in his works. If you are still in doubt, kindly find below some of the beautiful and amazing pictures taken by AKINTAYOTIMI. Enjoy and Be Inspired!



I hope you were inspired by this great and classy pictures? I leave you with this, whatever you have passion in doing, do it with all your heart and all your strength cos in the end, there is a crown and a throne waiting for you. Your talent is never ever stupid or useless. If it was, God will not have given it to you. There is no useless or stupid talent. So I say to you, believe in yourself. Believe in your talent/gift. Keep improving on yourself. Keep building your talent. Keep developing your talent and keep working on yourself cos in the end, you will definitely laugh last and be celebrated. 

Be Inspired.

Yours Truly,

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  1. Inspired indeed. Beautiful pictures. The last lines are powerful. There power in inspiration


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