Monday, 20 October 2014

Colour Combinations- Episode 3: Green And Blue


This happens to be one of my favourite colour combinations. Recently I was involved in a conversation with someone and I said ‘’do you know that green and blue are awesome colour combinations?’’ The person said ‘’what a disgusting colour combination’’. Few days later, I wore a colour combination of blue and green and pair them with a dark brown scarf, a light brown bag and a wedge sandal (These are included in a post on A Must Have In Every Woman’s Closet >>>  Guys, please kindly find here >>>  A Must Have In Every Man’s Closet in case you missed it) and the person was beyond amazed.

To combine these colours really well, you can pair them with nude (Here >>>  is a post on The Nude Colour Is ‘’The New Black’’ in case you missed it), brown (light or dark brown), white,
leopard prints (Here is a post on Wearing Leopard Prints Effortlessly (Men) >>>  (Women) >>> ) or black. There are times that you will have amazing outfits in your wardrobe but will be confused on how to wear them or on how to pair them. These episodes are here to inspire you to go around looking and feeling beautiful and confident with different colour combinations and also to go around dressing, looking and feeling like Kings with different colour combinations. You did be amazed on the colours that can be paired together.

Here are pictures of men and women/ladies looking like Kings and Queens on green and blue colour combinations. Enjoy and Be Inspired!  



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