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A Must Have In Every Woman's HandBag


I know that the guys/men will be feeling left out by this blog post, so before I start, I will love to say, dear guys/men you can read (in case you missed it)/ re-read this post >>>  on A Must Have In Every Man's Closest and feel inspired to dress, look and feel like a King that you are. 

Back to today's post. As earlier posted on Where To Apply For A Long Lasting Smell >>>  and also on A Must Have In Every Woman's Closest >>>  a lady's outfit is incomplete without her perfume. But do you know that a lady/woman looks bare or naked without her handbag? A lady/woman's handbag is a very important accessory to her and she of course never jokes with them. 

Now that this has been said, join me as we find out ''A Must Have In Every Woman's Handbag'' I hope you get inspired. 
1) Lip gloss-
A lady/woman never jokes with her lip gloss and this is also to help keep her lips hydrated. 

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2) A small perfume- You can find more on the above link titled Where To Apply For A Long Lasting Smell 

3) Hand cream- To keep your hands moisturised during the day/ after washing your hands.  

4) Handkerchief

5) Mint chewing gum - The importance of this cannot be overemphasised. This helps freshen your breathe. Not that you are to chew it till you get to your destination. It is not lady like. You are to have it in your mouth for about 30 mins or less and throw it away when you are almost getting to your destination.
                                            Orbit Chewing Gum
 P.S- Orbit Gum is a great and healthy mint gum.

6) Hair comb/ hair brush depending on the kind of hair style you have on.  

7) A novel/ book- to keep you looking classy and to keep you company when unattended to or when waiting to be attended to. 
                                                      Needle and Thread

8) A needle and thread- to help mend your dress/skirts/pants (trousers) when they tear unexpectedly to avoid embarrassment.

9) A wallet- This of course is very important. A wallet with enough cash or credit/debit card with enough money to avoid any form of being stranded. 

9) Powder/Powder puff- to touch up your make-up/face especially when they get oily during the day. 

                                          A Shower Cap

10)  Shower cap- I normally would not have included this but I see this as somewhat important. You do not want to mess up your hair after spending alot on it when it starts raining unexpectedly. A small umbrella will also do. 

11) Your phone of course, to help aid communication. 

12) Menstruation pad- This is really very important cos your period can come unannounced especially when you are expecting it on a later date. This doesn't mean you should carry the whole Always Pad, LOL (Laugh Out Loud). One sachet will do. 

13) Sunglasses- Really important. You need to keep your eyes protected. 

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13) Bible- Last but not the least, your bible. To many this is not a must have but to me it is cos I cannot go anywhere without my Bible. 

Here comes the end of my A Must Have In Every Woman's HandBag. Please do let me know if you have anything to add or subtract from the list above by commenting below. I will love to hear from you. 
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Be Inspired To Look And Feel Beautiful.

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