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A Letter To My Teenage Self


Dear Teenage Me, 

This is a letter I have decided to write to you after many years of you moving out of the teenage stage. This is a letter of what I would have done if I knew what I knew now. This is a letter, I am writing is what I would have told my teenage self... I hope this letter inspires other teenage girls out there. 

God- I see you are always studying your bible. I see you are always praying. I see you are always being cautious not to offend God. You have been given lots of bad names about it. Please do not mind the naysayers. Please hold onto God cos as you get older, God will open your eyes to things you never imagined you would have seen on your own. He will also be teaching you things that you never thought you would ever learn. You will fall more in love with God, though there are times you will feel as though God doesn't love you. But as you go on, you will discover that, God loves you more than you ever thought you will be loved and you will realise why what happened, happened. God is just making you discover yourself and Him more. So my darling, please hold onto God real tight, just never ever let Him go
Boys & Sex-

At this age, everyone (teenagers)  wants to grow up so fast or they will believe that they are now adults. It is at this stage/age that you will meet all manner of boys. Those that care about you and will want to be great  friends with you and those that all they want is to sleep with you. My dear teenage me, the sad part of it is that, the ones that only pretend that they care, only to get what they want are usually more than those who care. So you need to be extremely careful, vigilant and cautious. Always ask God to reveal to you those guys whose intentions and missions are nothing but evil... don't worry, I see God directing your ways and path. 
Also my dear, having sex with a guy before you are married, strains your relationship with God and moves God away from you... You can find more about that here on an article written by Ibukun Oniwide >>>  So my dear, please continue to keep yourself...


 I see you trying to be an adult even before you become one. I see you believing that you know everything and don't want to be corrected. I see you arguing with your parents a lot and after every argument, I see you go to your room, staying behind the door or on your bed and just crying, regretting every argument you had with your parents. OH DEAR TEENAGE ME!
I will advice you to please stop arguing with your parents, they know better. They are way smarter and wiser than you, to mislead you. They love you more than you ever believe. They are angels sent from God to you in form of parents.   


I see you being all about your books, books, books, no time to party or go out... I see you trying so hard to get good grades. Well... I am glad it paid off at the end... keep being a studious student/girl my dear. However, I will also advice you to take a break once in a while and live! Take a break once in a while and enjoy the beauty that comes with life... You can find an article I wrote many years ago after you have grown on LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! here >>> 


Your siblings will eventually become your best friends. They are beautiful and amazing angels with beautiful souls sent to God to you. I see you always trying to have your own space, always getting irritated by an ''untidy'' environment, always being too cautious about keeping everywhere clean that you get them all worked up. 
Dear teenage me... I will advice you to pause. Scatter everywhere together and arrange everywhere together in love. Don't be too focused about keeping everywhere tidy that you miss out on all the fun moments with your siblings. So stop being all worked up on yourself and on your amazing siblings over things are somewhat insignificant. ok? 


I see you trying to have a best friend, knowing that you have never really had a best friend (just friends). Everyone had their own best friends that you just became friends with everyone and their group of friends. Well... I would advice you not to put too much pressure on having a best friend and just appreciate each moment you have and share with your friends. You will learn a thing or two from them. Though, you will be hurt and betrayed by many, but don't worry about it, these hurts and betrayals will make you a stronger, wiser, smarter and a better person. So my darling, just focus on the priceless moments you share/shared with your friends cos you might never get to see them again and they may lose touch or contact with you. 


I can see you spending lots of time alone just writing. Many have made fun of you about how you just love to write. But I am happy that you never took heed to their words but found it as a compliment, never discouraged by their words and you just continued writing. 
My advice to you my teenage self, is to keep writing. Write, write and just keep writing. In the nearest future you will become an inspirational blogger, inspring people and yourself with your writings. So my dear, please keep writing. 

This is where I will end my letter. I hope you have been inspired. 

Yours Truly,
The Older You, Chidinma

Be Inspired. 

I hope you have been inspired by this short letter I wrote to my teenage me. If this letter has inspired you, please kindly share with others especially teenage girls to inspire them as well. 
I love hearing from you, so please do feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions or contirbutions with me by commenting below. 

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