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Smile Beautiful! Smile Handsome!


Smile happens to be a general mask sometimes worn by many. Why did I say sometimes? Because, sometimes, people are genuinely smiling while other times, people use smile to cover their pain, their hidden tears, their troubles, their affliction, their trials, their sorrows etc. A mask in the sense that, you can be looking at someone who is smiling or being joyful but deep down, the person is neither happy nor joyful.

No matter what you are going through beautiful people, please put a smile on your face. Please smile anyway. People seeing your tears or pains is alright... it's being said that a problem shared is half solved. However, people seeing your smile is the best and priceless.

Smiling automatically changes your sorrowful countenance. Smiling helps relieve your pain for the moment. Smiling brings joyful people and joyful things your way. Smiling lightens the room you are and it attracts a positive vibe and atmosphere. Smiling makes God look down upon you and show you mercy, thereby turning your sorrow into joy. You smiling frightens the devil off. Because, despite all the devil tried to do or bring your way, you are still smiling, you still have a reason to smile or you chose to smile. So beautiful people, please SMILE.

What the devil hates most is seeing you joyful, happy or smiling. So smile and put the devil to shame. Give yourself a reason to smile. Pause and take a moment to think of all the reasons why you need to smile.

-Smile cos God has given you a second chance. A second chance to live. A second chance to see a brand new day. A second chance to smell nature. A second chance to feel the breeze, watch the sun rise and set. A second chance to feel the sun or the rain or watch the rain or snow fall. A second chance to walk under the snow.
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- Smile cos you are alive.
-  Smile cos you can see.

- Smile cos you can hear.
- Smile cos you are breathing.
- Smile cos you can talk.
- Smile cos you can walk.
- Smile cos you can hold things and people
- Smile cos you can feel.
- Smile cos you have appetite.
- Smile cos you can move.
- Smile cos you have not been diagnosed of a terminal illness... and if you are, smile cos you are still breathing. Smile cos you still have life. Remember, when there is life there is hope. Miracles are still happening. Smile cos your miracle is on the way.
-Smile cos you are loved. Even if the person you love does not love you back, smile cos God loves you and He is working out someone who will love you much more than you truly deserve.
- Smile cos all your organs are working perfectly well... and if they are not, still smile cos you have God's breathe inside of you and He will redeem you from all your sicknesses and infirmities.

Please choose to smile beautiful people. Had a bad result? Smile, cos that result does not define who you are. It only gives you an opportunity to discover yourself and prove to failure that you are a success.

Were you betrayed, forsaken or deserted...? Smile cos someone who will never ever leave you is right beside you. He is hugging you, all you need do is to hug HIM right back and feel His embrace.

Have you lost all hope and you are at the edge of giving up? This week's inspiration for the week says '' will surely happen. Just have faith in God''. So smile beautiful. Smile handsome.
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Smiling shows God that you have a thankful heart. Smiling gives you hope. Smiling makes things get better even without you noticing. Smiling has a way of giving you peace. Aside from the fact that smiling makes you look younger facially other than the facial exercises you can do (you can find out more on facial exercises here >>>  in case you missed it), smiling brings favour from God and from man your way.

So I ask beautiful people, will you smile? Please smile, things will get better. Please smile everything will eventually be alright. Please smile cos it is your turn to experience your miracle and you will tell those that care to listen that miracles are real. Please don't give up. Please don't be weighed down. PLEASE SMILE!

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