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Matte Lip gloss/Lipstick Obsession

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It's no news that a lady/ladies in general do not joke with her lip glosses or lip sticks. There is this obsession of having a glossy lips and all, which is great and awesome. But once in a while it is good to step out of the world of having glossy lips to the world of having matte lips.  I love matte lip glosses/lipsticks! I really do.
One unique thing about matte lip glosses/lip sticks is that they are classy, outstanding, ''not loud but loud''... I'm actually pretty short of words. LOL (Laugh Out Loud).

One can wear a matte lip gloss/lip stick to any and every event. But just know that once you are on matte lip gloss/lip stick you automatically stand out. This is not to say that ladies/women on glossy lips don't stand out, on the contrary, they do... I wish I could explain more but I guess pictures will explain better.

Before I show you beautiful pictures of matte lip glosses/lip sticks, I need to say that it is not compulsory you wear a ''brand'' matte lip gloss/lipstick to stand out. It's not really about the brand but the satisfaction you get from using a particular product. In fact, my first ever matte lip gloss was from a drug store. I never even knew it was a matte lip gloss cos I do pair it with a glossy lip gloss (i.e, I apply a transparent glossy lip gloss first then my matte lip gloss), till one day I said, why not I just wear this lip gloss alone and see how it will look on me. I was blown away by its beauty. Everyone kept asking me, please what's the name (brand name) of  your lip gloss? They were shocked when I told them it was a drug store matte lip gloss. Really ladies, try getting a hold of a matte lip gloss/lipstick and see for yourself.

Below are pictures of different colours of matte lip glosses/lipsticks. Enjoy!

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  1. if not for this blogger i wont have known there is anything like mate lipstick honestly ...when my friends use it...i call it poster coolor not knowing i was even the wrong person lmao chai


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