Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Looking Like Royalty On Black And White- Part 2: Men


Today, we will be continuing black and white inspiration series we began yesterday. Yesterday was for the ladies while today will be for men and home designs.
Remember this blog is all about inspiring men to look and feel kings, you can find more on that here >>>  But please don't forget that there are certain things a king, that is you, should not be found wearing. You can find more on that here >>>  Today's post is all about looking like royalty on black and white. Considering the fact that I am not a huge fan of white, I am not disputing the fact that white is a unique colour which by the way happens to really really look good on men. After yesterday's post, I am beginning to change my mind on white.

We earlier talked about making a huge difference with a pop of colour >>>   you can find that here in case you missed it, how a pop of colour makes you stand out any time and anywhere you find yourself. This post is not to make you stop popping your outfit with bright colours but also to inspire you to look like royalty, to look like kings just with these 2 unique colours : black and white.

Below are pictures of men, looking charming, looking like royalty above all, looking and feeling like kings on black and white. Enjoy And Be Inspired!



And of course, aside from the men above looking and feeling like kings on black and white, we cannot ignore that ''WOW'' factor about men in suits, can we? Here >>>  is a post on That ''WOW'' Factor About Men In Suits.

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Be Inspired To Look And Feel Like Kings.

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