Monday, 29 September 2014

Looking Like Royalty On Black And White- Part 1: Ladies


Before I start, I will love to say that in as much as I am the one blogging, this topic happens to also be a great inspiration for me. I am also going to get inspired from combining your outfit so well just with black and white. This is because I am not a huge fan of white and because I am crazy about combining colours or popping your outfit with a bright colour (You can find more on making a huge difference with a pop of colour here >>>  in case you missed it).
So, this topic will be an inspiration for people including me that one can actually look like royalty just by combining your black and white outfit well.

P.S- But remember ladies, that has a lady you should not be found wearing any of the following, fashion wise that is  >>>  

This topic will be divided into 3:
- Part 1- Ladies
- Part 2- Men
- Part 3- Home designs i.e. designing your home with just black and white colours and still leaving your home looking like a royals home.

So dear readers, please don't miss this series,
Monday, that's today will be for the ladies and
Tuesday, will be for men and homes... all black and white inspiration.

Below are pictures of ladies, all on black and white and they all look classy, beautiful, chic, sophisticated and above all, like royalty. Enjoy!

I hope you have been inspired? I sure have.
Please kindly share this post with others to inspire them as well.
I love hearing from you, so please do feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions or contributions with me by commenting below.

Be Inspired To Look And Feel Beautiful.

Yours Truly,

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