Monday, 8 September 2014

Ladies, Know Your Makeup Brushes

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Make-up brushes help us to efficiently apply our make-ups with ease, leaving us with that flawless and glowing make-up faces we’ve always wanted. I stumbled upon the pictures  below and I thought I should share them with you.   Many a times, as ladies or women, we do not know which make-up brush to use that we end up using wrong kind of make-up brushes  (I am a typical example of this *covers face*).  Like, using your concealer brush or your lip liner brush for your eye shadow brush or using your foundation brush in place of your powder brush. They will of course do the work you want them to do but not the way you want them to do it. These pictures helped me greatly in knowing and also in identifying which make-up brush to use when wearing/applying my make-up. 
I hope you the pictures below helps you in knowing your make-up brushes. Enjoy!

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