Friday, 26 September 2014

Friday Inspirations- Tips On Love And Relationship By Ibukun Oniwinde


There are a few things every woman should know about Love and relationships.

1.Know God-Know Yourself
The more you know God..the more you discover who you really are, Then you begin to Love yourself. You start discovering God's purpose for your life, The Holy Spirit  teaches  you what  standards to set for your life and relationships, you are able to let go of hurts, You are able to  learn and practice forgiveness..Giving, Loving..You are no longer looking for Love in the arms of a man, you are carrying God's fullness. God Basically prepares you to take hold of your destiny.
Rule Number 1: woman Know thy God.

2.Emotions and Heart matters
Men are not lovers by nature, that's why the bible commands a man to Love His wife, but a woman is a paragon of intense Love, this comes with lots of emotions. This is her nature, God made her that way to be able to connect with her children and her entire family, This is why a woman needs to guard her heart..Falling in love is pretty easy for her and most times she is already far into the relationship before she realizes that the man is not on the same page with her..'woman do not awaken Love before it's time'..a lot of hurts in past relationships have left a lot of women bitter, and they now take it out on their husbands and children, no staying power, impatience and today broken homes..Woman Guard your heart..start loving with your head first, before You proceed to the heart, don't be too quick to commit, seek God.You have so much much, Take it one step at a time.
Allow him fall in love with you first, because your own love is like FIRE, once you start aint no stopping you, and if he's not already in love with you, It'l cause you too much hurt.
Once you start sleeping With your boyfriend/fiancĂ©, the presence of God leaves your relationship, to make that relationship work therefore, you will have to work overtime, with your sweat and blood and most times, a  woman loses this battle. The moment you start having sex, you become overly insecure and overdependent on the man and that makes him get tired..the moment you start having sex, you stop thinking straight, your head gets filled with fantasy and hormones, and even if you don't want more, you are afraid if you don't give more you'll lose him, when you start sleeping with him, chances that he'll marry you will drop drastically, Woman God's word cannot fail, God cannot lie, He sees the end even before the beginning, If He says No fornication, better  remember that He is the ONLY WISE GOD...Obey!

4.Get your Acts together
Don't sit around waiting for a man to come and marry you and fulfil your dreams..that disappoints God. You don't need a man to fulfil your destiny..If a man comes, Fine and good, He complements you, and you complement him, you add value to each other, nobody is draining anybody, we are a blessing to each other. What are your goals, what are your dreams, what are you waiting for, the world is in need of change and transformation and God sent you, what are you doing with your talents and gift, people are hungry, some don't know God, young people are on drugs, unemployment, pain, hopelessness, what are you doing to change this? Checking Facebook for single men to marry? Don't disappoint God, He has put so much in you, He expect a lot of results.

....To be continued.

Ibukun Oniwinde
Ff @bukunpearls

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