Friday, 19 September 2014

Friday Inspirations- Sit On Your Problem by Gen Amfani


We are happy to have you back Gen Amfani!
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Back to today's post by Gen Amfani-

‎Hey lovely people! How's your day going? Great am sure. 

I just want to tell us about a True Story one of my Mentors told "He said He was once at an airport and he saw someone kicking a hot dog machine because it didn't bring out his hot-dog after he had paid the coin in.. And my mentor thought if a man is fighting & kicking this hot-dog machine he definitely needs God so he went to him and said hello sir have you prayed for the machine instead of beating it and the man looked at him like he was nuts He now said am gonna pray for the hot dog machine to give you your hot-dog and as he laid his hands on the machine to pray & the devil told him what if the hot dog doesn't come out, you would look like a fool , but he disregarded that voice and went on to pray as he did the hot dog fell out. 
He now said humorously that he should have prayed for chilly & mustard on the hot-dog that really would have been a miracle. LOL.

 What I saw from this True Story my mentor told I want to emphasise in points for you all. 
1: We must learn to PRAY for and about everything Luke 18:1.
2: We must always know we have the power to cast out devils and change our environment. Mark 16:17
3: Finally we must be willing to be the light in a dark place, a helping hand in a place of need, a financial blessing in a place of lack LET'S PREACH JESUS to the dying world...

Have a blessed week ahead yours Always Gen Amfani (Billionaire Aquaman)

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