Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Different Ties For Different Collars


This topic may sound wired or funny but many like myself (maybe because I am lady) do not know that there are different ties for different collars (corporate shirts of course).

A senior colleague of mine made mention of this, and me being the ''find out more about things/research'' kind of girl, I took a step further to research more on this. Since my blog is all about inspiring men to dress, look and feel like Kings (you can find out more on dressing, looking and feeling like a king here >>>  ), I owe it to my lovely readers to educate and also inspire them on the right ties to wear on different collars.     

P.S- Ladies, this post might not have anything to do with you but on a second thought it does. You can refer your brother/boyfriend/fiancé/husband/father/grandfather to this post or you can educate them yourself after reading this.

Below are pictures of different ties to be worn on different collars:

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