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Conquering The Traffic Of Life


Though life is beautiful, though life is filled with many beautiful and amazing things, life is also filled with traffics, struggles, hurdles, and challenges amongst others. Traffic of life simply means life’s delays. It also means the obstacles or challenges we face or encounter in life.  Most times, many try to conquer their traffic of life by looking for short cuts or an easy way out.

There are 3 ways of conquering the traffic of life:
1)      Cutting corners
2)      One way
3)      Staying on the line

The above ways can be likened to the normal road traffic we encounter or experience before getting to our various destinations. No1 and No 2 are more or less people who are in haste. People who want to get to their various destinations at all costs or by all means that they end up breaking one or two life traffic laws or protocols. This of course will later on have its effects or implications and one may eventually suffer the consequences of breaking life’s traffic laws. Some get away with it, while many get caught and face the consequences. 
By doing the above (No1 and No2) you end up endangering your life and the lives of others and many a times, if care is not taken, one can eventually get hurt and most times after all the trying hard to cut corners or try to follow one way, you will still end up meeting life’s traffic one way or the other and will be forced to stay on the line.  
By doing this, you tend to endanger  lives or hurt the people (No3) who are doing things the right way and who have been there way before you got there.  
These people are extremely patient and cautious. They are people who prefer for things to be done the right way. They are proactive. They try as much as possible to think ahead about what to do to avoid certain challenges or obstacles. They exercise caution because they do not want to endanger their lives or the lives of others.

The effect of the above:
They tend to be delayed in getting to their destinations but they come out strong, wise, unharmed and more experienced.

Now with the above illustration of the 3 ways life’s traffic is conquered, I ask where you fall under? Do you conquer life’s challenges or obstacles by cutting corners,  by following one way  or by staying on the line?

Life’s traffic can only be conquered by being careful, patient and proactive. This will leave you stronger, better, wiser, more experienced, safe and of course alive. Some might say ‘’There is no fun in obeying all the laws. There is no fun in doing things safe all the time’’. Well… I leave you to be the judge of that. But remember, it’s better to obey all the laws and be alive and safe than to disobey one or two laws and end up dead or in trouble.

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