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A Letter To The Guys: Dear Guys


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Dear Guys,

I attended a Redeemed church one Sunday and this happened to be on Fathers' Day and I was beyond stunned by Mr Taiwo's (the presiding Pastor of that parish) preaching. I was going through my Sunday Service book archives (archives right? I love writing, go figure... Lol) and this service's sermon took my attention and I thought I should share it with my fellow male readers to inspire them. I hope you find this letter from a Father, from an elderly man and from a fellow man, inspiring.

Dear Guys, when trying to choose a partner, don't pray and watch rather watch and pray.

Dear Guys. observe her (the lady you are interested in) first then seek the face of God if she is the one.

Dear Guys, please don't treat your partners as people below you but rather, as your equal cos ladies are women of power & purpose... and should be respected.

Dear Guys, please always give your partners and your family quality time. Learn to pray together. Build your family in prayer.

Dear Guys, please don't focus on dating then getting married but rather get married then focus on dating. In the sense that when you focus on dating, you get relaxed when you get married. But when you focus on wining her as your wife, You spend the rest of your life dating her, pursuing her and courting her.

Dear Guys, once you have someone in your life, it is no longer "I" but "we". 

Dear Guys, when you are at home let your mind be 100% at home and when you are in the office let your mind be in the office (to avoid errors). 

Dear Guys,  when you have someone in your life, you must learn to give. You must learn to be caring, responsible and accountable.

Dear Guys, when you have children, in trying to be a disciplinarian, always remember that you also need to be a friend.

Dear Guys, let your children fear you as their father but also respect and love you as their friend.

Dear Guys, be the kind of man you want your sons to aspire to be and the kind of man your daughters look up to as their role model (male).

Dear Guys, respect every woman. She does not need to be your mother/wife/sister/girl friend before you can respect her.

Dear Guys, be responsible men. Be a prayerful man. Please learn to have listening ears and an understanding heart.

From a father that cares.

I hope you have been inspired by the above letter. Please do share with others to inspire them as well.
I love hearing from you, so please do feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions or contributions with me by commenting below. 

Be Inspired.

Yours Truly,

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