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4 Keys To Achieving Greatness


As humans, we are always in search of a better life. We always have the desire to achieve/accomplish great things. However, it is unfortunate that many take the wrong road in doing so or many are doing the wrong thing or they do not know exactly what to do or how to go about achieving/accomplishing great things the right way.

Here are 4 keys to achieving greatness:   
     - God
     - Vision 
     - Mission 
     - Believe in yourself

Let’s be honest with ourselves , God is the only reason why we live and He is the only One that can make our goals and dreams come to reality. This is why He had to be the very first key in achieving greatness.
Many might still ask, but how is this possible? Below are a few explanations;  

1.      He is the source of our lives. What is your dreams and goals when if you don’t have life to achieve them or to see them become a reality?
2.      He is the source of peace. No one can achieve any meaningful thing in life without peace and God is the source of peace.   
3.      He is the source of joy. This I believe is self-explanatory.
4.      He is the source of great ideas. You need God, to achieve your vision. Yes you might have a vision, but only with great ideas will you have a fruitful, stress free and awesome ride on your journey to achieving your vision.
5.      He is the source of great direction. God is the only person that can direct your path to ensure that you do not go astray or make costly mistakes.

6.      He is the source of all provisions. He has it all, just name it! You might have the money but not the health. What is the essence of one having money or vision without sound health? Cos in the end, the person will end up spending that money that his/her has to take care of his/her health.  
Provision, can also be in terms of people. God has all the connections you can think of. He will connect you to the right people. And the list goes on and on, on why God is the number ONE key to achieving greatness.  

To achieve greatness, you need to have a vision. What is that thing you see or imagine that make you want to do what you want to do or embark upon? What is your end goal?
To really achieve greatness, you need to think ahead. You need to see/picture the future even before it (the future) comes.

For example, you just started schooling in the University, though you are in 100 level, you can already picture yourself graduating with a first class or 2.1 etc.  Or, you want to go into the music industry/ be a musician, what is your vision? Are you going in there because others are doing so? Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you see yourself as an international musician? Do you see yourself invited to sing for Kings, Rulers of Nations?  

The truth is, if you do not have a vision, anything and everything will seem like the right way. If you do not have a vision, you can easily be misled cos you do not have a direction or cos you do not know where you are heading to. ‘’Any direction is the right direction to a man without a vision’’ (Chidinma Inspirations, 2014).

Your mission is your vision’s journey. It is what you need to do to achieve your vision. It is the steps, processes, procedures you take to bringing your vision to light. To do this, you have to be willing and ready to go all in. You have to be willing and ready to put and give your very best.
Like the examples used above in Vision, the university student’s mission can be burning midnight candles to study, visiting the university’s library. Asking his/her tutors or course mates questions on what he/she finds difficult to comprehend. While the musician’s mission can be signing to a record label, starts recording songs, working hard and gradually watching your dreams unfold before your very eyes.

The importance of this key cannot be overemphasised. If you do not have confidence in yourself, if you do not believe in yourself, in your dreams and in your vision, you will easily be swayed away from it/them. When pressure or doubts comes, you won’t be able to stand. You can find more on confidence here >>> 

With confidence, you will strongly believe in your dreams even when no one else believes in it. With confidence you will get to see your ideas, your dreams, and your goals as unique and priceless even when others sees it as worthless. With confidence, you will get to stand tall. 

P.S- There is a thin line between confidence and pride, be sure not to cross it.

With these 4 things, be ready to spread your wings and soar like an eagle. Because it is only on the mountain top that you will be found.

Now, Go And Achieve Greatness!   

Be Inspired. 

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