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This happens to be my first write-up ever. I wrote it before I entered the University and I was privileged to read it on my Matriculation day in front of over 3000 people. Boy! Was I scared. Excited but scared. A young girl (I was a teenager then) reading my write-up in front of the University's Chancellor and other dignitaries. It was indeed a great privilege and honour. I later on modified the write-up, which is what you are currently reading. I hope that as you read it, you get inspired.

I want to tell you, be you young or old, light skinned or dark skinned, short or tall, slim or plus-size that YOU ARE A MIRACLE.

The three most powerful beings on earth and in the entire universe came together to form and create you. The World Most Mysterious Book (you can find what it is all about here >>>  if you missed it) said in Genesis 1 : 26 ''And God said, let us make man in our own image, after our likeness...) This not only means that you are a miracle but that you are a ''god''. The 3 most powerful beings in the whole universe, God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit, came together to create you in their own image and likeness, making you a god and a very powerful creature. What a miracle you are!

You are a miracle- you breath every second but have no idea how you breath or how your respiratory organs were constructed or designed or even how they function.

You are a miracle- You see but have no idea how your sight works.
Scientists might say all there is to be said but one thing they have failed to bring to light is YOU.
How you were formed, how you were created, how you were designed. Many tried to explain your existence by saying that you were formed or you came into existence by the coming together of a man's sperm and woman's egg. But that is still a mystery.
How you were formed can only be understood or explained in two words, ''a miracle''. You developing and forming from a foetus to a baby, your eyes, your ears, your hands, legs, face, mouth, organs amongst others forming and taking shape can only be the work of a miracle.

Your brain works in a way you cannot explain no matter how much you try to.
Your mind reason things beyond your human comprehension.
How you discovered your talent/gift or how your talent/gift came into existence can only be the product of a miracle.
How your hands and legs move, how you speak, how you write, how no handwriting or finger prints are ever the same even that of an identical twins. How you walk, how you behave, how you talk, how you eat food from the mouth which passes through the digestive system, does all the work it will do to the body and then goes down to the excretory system. All these and so much can only have one explanation, YOU ARE A MIRACLE.

Have you ever paused to understand who you really are? Have you ever paused to understand how food, water, fruits,vegetable, juice amongst others goes through the mouth then to the digestive system then down to the excretory system? Or, how your organs as a whole function? It is unfathomable. Everything in you and about you is a miracle. Your being, your existence are the products of a miracle.

Look beside you and around you, the person/persons beside and around you either they be light skinned or dark skinned, tall or short, plus-size or slim, might have white, blonde or black hair, they are all miracles

Now say to yourself, I AM A MIRACLE,

Because, indeed YOU ARE A MIRACLE.

Be Inspired.

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Yours Truly,

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