Thursday, 28 August 2014

Heart Stopping (Breathtaking) WaterFalls


Water Falls are breathtaking. There is just something amazing and unexplainably beautiful about water falls. The way God creates is still and will always be a mystery to the human mind and understanding.

I want to write more but I am just so short of words... I hope you see the beauty in these waterfalls (14) as I do. Enjoy!
                                                           Niagara Falls From

Neon Waterfalls From



The Godafoss Waterfall From 

Niagara Falls From

  Ramona Falls From


Nigara Falls From

1                                                                      From


1                                                            Iguazu Falls From

These are just some of the beautiful waterfalls around the world. Indeed the creations of God are amazingly beautiful!

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Be Inspired To Love And Appreciate The Beauty In God's Creations.

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