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Having A Deep Understanding Of What Sacrifice Means


Sacrifice, I believe is giving up something dear to you, something of great value to you with the desire/hope of receiving/getting nothing in return.

God the Father gave up His best (His only begotten Son) to this sinful world for peace to reign and for us to be reconciled back to Him. Jesus, sacrificed His life for us all to be reconciled back to the Father and  for eternal life. The Holy Spirit sacrificed His permanent stay in Heaven to dwell amongst men/humans as our comforter, helper, guardian, friend etc. They gave up/sacrificed something meaningful/dear to them not to get anything in return but that we should have the very best, which is to have eternal life and also to be joyful forever. Cos in God there is joy and peace forever more.

P.S- When I say, the Holy Spirit scarified His permanent stay in heaven to dwell amongst us. Remember, the Holy Spirit is Omnipresent. He was sent by Jesus to dwell with us on earth but He also dwells in heaven. Permanent stay means, rather than the Holy Spirit enjoying the beauty, joy and every glorious thing that heaven entails, He chose to also dwell with us on earth.

Parents toil day and night just to see that their children get to have the very best and a meaningful future. Mothers sacrifice their night of sleep to watch over a crying baby and to put him/her back to sleep. Mothers sacrifice their youthful shape/figure to carry a child for 9 months in her belly. Many a times, fathers and mothers sacrifice their meals just to ensure that their children have something to eat.

However, it is a whole ball game altogether when it has to do with relationships. Some genuinely sacrifice for their loved ones because they want to see them happy and because they (their loved ones) mean so much to them. While others sacrifice their money or time etc to get sex in return. Is this sacrifice? I will call this ''I give you something and I expect to get something in return''.

According to Oxford dictionary, sacrifice is defined as ''an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy''.
It said ''for the sake of something worthy''.  If you are worthy and the person you are dating/love considers you as someone worthy or someone of value, then why must the gifts he/she gives you be in exchange for your body? Some say ''I sacrificed my hard earned money to get her/him a gift, then he/she must give me his/her body in return''. I don't call this sacrifice, I call it bargaining.

Sacrifice is way deeper than it seems. It means giving up something cos of something/someone worthy. God sacrificed Jesus cos He considered us worthy. Jesus sacrificed His life, cos He considered us worthy. The Holy Spirit scarified His living in Heaven to dwell amongst us, cos He considered us worthy. Fathers and mothers scarified their time, love, money and so much more cos they consider their children worthy. A student sacrifices his/her time, sleep and having fun to study because he/she considers having good grades or graduating from school worthy.

Now I ask, who or what do you consider worthy? What is that thing that is of great value, great worth an great importance to you? Are you willing to go out of your way to sacrifice for that person/thing? I leave you to think deep and answer these questions. When you've gotten the answers to the questions above, then you now have a deep understanding of what sacrifice means.

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