Friday, 15 August 2014

Friday Inspirations: Celebrating Talent (Episode 2)-- Awesome Drawings By OlamideDIY


Friday Inspirations is an avenue I have created on my blog to celebrate others. It is all about using the works of people to inspire others. In the sense that, if you listened to a song, watched a movie, or saw an art, design or picture etc and it inspired you, you will then share it with others to inspire them too.

P.S- To find out more on what Friday Inspirations is all about or how you can participate in it, please do find out here >>> 

Many Friday Inspirations have been published on this blog, you can just search this blog with the hash tag #FridayInspirations to see them, in case you missed any.
The last episode of celebrating art was all about wax sculpture. You could find it here >>>  in case you missed it.

Back to today's post. There is this talented artist (pictured above) I discovered on twitter and I must say, He is good.
When I say good, I mean good. His drawings are just too real to be true. You just keep saying to yourself when you see his drawings, is it really this guy that drew all these? You could find out for yourself by following him on twitter- @olamideDIY .

I decided that today's episode of celebrating talents will be about him. Below are some of OlamideDIY awesome drawings (12). ENJOY!

I hope you have been inspired. Please do share this post with others to inspire them as well. We love to hear from you, so please do feel free to comment below.

Be Inspired.

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