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Exercises That Help Tone Down Arm Fat

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Arm fat can be pretty embarrassing and annoying. This is because no matter how much one decides to be fit or exercise, if one's arm fat isn't toned down, there is a 95% chance of the person still looking unfit.
It's so annoying and frustrating when a shirt/top/sweater is clearly your size but your arm fat prevents it from suiting you well. It is also very terrifying when you can't wear a short/medium sleeve shirt/top/t-shirt because your arms fat will be plunging out/ fighting to be out/seen from your shirt/short sleeve or you have to be careful not to raise your hands in public cos of the fear of your arm fat dangling.

P.S- It is also of utmost importance to understand that one's diet (not eating clean) can also result in one having arm fat. Here are the misconceptions some people about being weight loss/being fit >>> 

Below pictures are some exercises (6)  that can help one tone down one's arm fat. The great thing about the below exercises is that you can do most of them in the comfort of your home and still get the toned down arms you've always desired/wanted. Enjoy!



As can be seen below, squatting is also a good exercise that help one in toning down one's arm fat. A post on ''Why you need to squat more'' was posted earlier. You can find it here >>>   in case you missed it.

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