Sunday, 20 July 2014

Why Don't You Just Act!


This post is somewhat similar to that was posted earlier, titled ''Just Start!'' you can find it here >>> 

Though this post is somewhat similar to the above post, it is pretty much different. Many a times we say things but end up doing the opposite of what we said/talked about, believing that they are the same thing or it doesn't matter. But in the real sense,  it does matter. If you say, you are going to turn a new leaf but act opposite of what you said. What do you think people will listen to more? Your words? Your silence? Or your action/actions? Of course, your action/actions.

Our actions are what speaks when we are not speaking. Our actions are really what people listen to and not our words. Yes our words hurts, yes our words is what people are hearing but our actions hurts more. Our actions are what people see and listen to. For example, no matter how much you tell someone you love them, if you do not show them how much you love them (your action), your words are simply as good as nothing.

Action is one of the 6 priceless things our loved ones need from us. You can find the remaining 5 priceless things our loved ones need from us here >>>
  Also (another example), if you keep saying that you need to do something but don't end up doing it, it is as good as saying nothing at all. Can you see the similarity in the above post ''Just Start''?

So you see, ''Silence might speak a thousand words. Words might have a million and one things to say but action speaks every word there is to be said''. Will it not be better if your actions go in line with your words? I leave you to answer the question.

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