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What To Do Before, During And After A First Date- Part B (Men)


As earlier said in the Part A of this post, if you missed it, you can find it here >>> First dates are funny, trickery and sometimes nerve racking. First dates really is the start of something new if it goes well. If it goes well, well... relationship starts from there, which then leads to courtship and of course marriage.

As said earlier (in Part A), you will know if things will be taken to the next level or your first date with that person might be your last date with that person. Below are some of the suggestions of what to do before, during and after a first date to ensure that your first date won't be your last date with that person.  

=> First thing first, pray. The importance of this cannot truly be overemphasized. The Holy Spirit/your conscience has a way of telling you not to go for the date. How will you know this? Simple, if The Holy Spirit wants you to go on this date, you will have peace but if not, your peace will be withdrawn.

P.S- You need to start praying once the date has been fixed to know what The Holy Spirit/your conscience will tell you so that you do not leave the lady hanging at the 11th hour.

=> Inform your loved ones/a loved one- Tell them where you are going to. The name of your date and give them your date's phone number in case of necessity. This is really important. Safety first.

=> Dress to please. Be neatly dressed. Like seriously guys, this is very very important. You need to dress, look and feel like a king. But remember, there is a thin line between confidence and pride, be sure not to cross it. Here is what ''Dress, Look And Feel Like A King'' means >>> 
If it is a casual date, dress causal but like a king. If it is a formal date, dress formal. You don't want to over dress for the date and make the lady feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, do you?

=> Perfume- Of course you need to wear a cologne. Here is a post on ''Where To Apply Perfume For A Long Lasting Smell'' >>> 
You need to wear a cologne that will leave a long lasting memory behind. Remember, as clearly mentioned in the post on ''Where To Apply Perfume For A Long Lasting Smell'' a man's dressing is not complete without a perfume/cologne.

=> Money- This is very very important. Some might say, it isn't. But let's not kid ourselves here, unless you and your date are going dutch, my dear, you need to foot the bill. You also need to choose a restaurant/an eatery/a first date location that meets your financial capability. This is because you do not want to use a classy/an overly expensive restaurant and end up washing plates, do you? Of course not.
Also, you need to take extra money with you in case of necessity. The thing is, you might expect your date to order for what you can afford and she ends up ordering for the nation/world. You see why you need to be ready? Unless, you and your date will end up washing plates and cleaning the floor. Not nice.

=> Get to the place on time- This really cannot be overemphasized. You don't want going late for your date, do you?

P.S- This is only when you guys  decide to meet at the place of the date. Unless, you are meant to pick her up at her house.\

=> Be prepared- Carry out your research well. Carry out your research on the kind of eatery or place you and your date will be going to. Find out the kind of food that is usually served there and master the use of cutleries. You sure don't want to embarrass yourself on your first date with that special person, do you?

P.S- Here is a post on Mastering And Understanding The Basic Dining Etiquettes

=> Compliment her- Compliment her dressing, her make-up etc. Be genuine with your compliments cos she will sense when you are lying.

=> Be yourself- You are on a first date doesn't mean you should act all serious. Be free. Be yourself. Talk about everything but leave the personal stuffs behind. Don't pry into her personal life in the name of you guys are on a date.

P.S- Be careful not to talk too much. There is nothing as annoying as a guy that talks too much. So know when to talk and when to listen.

=> Don't boast about your wealth/financial status- You are indirectly giving her the permission to fall in love with your money rather than with you. Besides, some ladies see this act as irritating or disgusting.

=> Don't talk about marriage- This is your first date. This is you two getting to know yourselves first. But the funny thing is that, some guys actually know the lady they will get married to from the first date. But nevertheless, unless your conversation moves towards that direction, don't raise it up as a topic on the first date.

=> Don't talk about your ex or insult your ex.

=> Treat the waiter/waitress with respect- If you don't, you are simply telling her that you easily disrespct people.

=> Ordering- Be civilised when ordering. Don't order for pure water/a glass of water and a piece of meat because you are paying for the date. If you do that, you are giving her the wrong impression about you. But this also doesn't mean that you should order beyond your financial capability or unless, you will end up helping the restaurant do their dishes. Just be civilised with your ordering.

=> Don't run away or suddenly disappear- This is a NO NO. Lol. Common! Because you do not have enough money to foot the bill doesn't mean you should disappear. When something is troubling your peace, better say it or die in silence. If the lady is ordering for more than you can afford, there is nothing wrong in you letting her know. Also, this is why you need to go with a enough money. But nevertheless, don't die in silence when you guys are ordering for more than you can afford.

=> Last but not the least, have fun! Enjoy every moment. Enjoy the food. Appreciate the beautiful environment. Be thankful for the beautiful lady sitting in front of you. Laugh when you feel like laughing. Crack jokes when you feel like. Just be happy.

=> Thank her for the date. Thank her for the opportunity to go on this date.

=> Call her immediately she gets home. That's, if  you did not drop her off. And if you did drop her off, thank her for the date and call her immediately you get home.

=> Keep in touch. This I believe is self explantory.

=> Lastly, what will be will be. No need to force anything or walk yourself up. What will be, will be. If you guys are meant to be together, somehow, someway, you guys will end up together.

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