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What To Do Before, During And After A First Date- Part A (Ladies)


First dates can be funny or tricky. First dates are pretty much nerve racking. And at the end of a first date you will know if things will be taken to the next level in terms of a second date, relationship, courtship and marriage. Everything starts from a first date. A first date can either be one's last date with him or the start of something new.

Below are some of the things you could do before, during and after a first date:

1) Pray about the date- Commit everything into God's hands. If God doesn't want you to go, you will find out that your peace will be withdrawn. It is just a sign from the Holy Spirit/conscience not to go. But if not, then you can go ahead, so pray before going.

2) Make sure the place you are going to is either an open place or filled with people (that is, there are many people around). This is because, it is a first date and he is a complete stranger so you need to exercise caution with the guy.

3) Give your address (the location of the date) to a loved one. It could be your parents or siblings or aunt or uncle or friends. Remember, you are going on a first date with someone you barely know (okay, you might have been communicating on phone but still he is still a stranger and great caution must be exercised).

4) Give the name of the person to a loved one. Same explanation with 3

5) Research- Do your homework on the place you are going to. If you are going by yourself, how you will get there. Also, do your homework on how you should dress so that you do not over or under dress. There are places that you go to and everyone needs to be all dressed up (you do not want to go to these places under dressed, do you?) and places that everyone dresses down (casually) (you do not want to go to these places dressing like you want to see the queen, do you?). So you need to do your homework well.

You also need to do your homework as to the food served there in order not to embarrass yourself. For example, if you are going to a classy restaurant, you need to learn the proper use of cutleries if need be.

P.S- Here is a post on Mastering And Understanding The Basic Dining Etiquettes

5) Be neatly dressed. Your hair must be well kempt or groomed. Just be neatly dressed.

6) Apply perfume moderately. As earlier mentioned in a post on ''Where to apply perfume for a long lasting smell'' you can find that here >>>  One's outfit is not complete without a perfume and a perfume lives a long lasting memory behind. However, when applying your perfume, you must go easy on your perfume. You do not want to disturb the breathing of others with excessive perfume.

7) Take ''vex money'' with you. ''Vex money'' is a slang which literally means taking extra amount of money/money with you, that you normally would not have carried. This is to avoid embarrassment should the guy refuse to pay or he runs out of cash or he suddenly disappears. You have to avoid all these,  unless you will help the eatery or the place you went to eat to wash their plates. Lol

8) Arrive there on time. Arriving there on time doesn't mean 1 hour before the time, No. Say 15 minutes before the time. This is because going late for the date or for any event in general gives people a bad impression about you.

1) Be yourself- Laugh when you want to. Don't go all phoney in how you speak and then end up not being consistent with it. Remember to be yourself, you are presenting who you are to this person and you want him to like you for who you are and not who you are not.

2) Talk about everything but leave the personal things behind- Everything like life, sports, cars,  movies, the current happenings on the news, the economy amongst others. But, don't go telling your secrets to a stranger and also don't pry into his personal affairs. Talking about everything doesn't mean you should become a newscaster or a talkative. Know when to talk and when to listen.

3) Don't order for the world/nation- Be civilised in your ordering. Respect him with your order and also respect yourself. Don't order for your friend that you don't have any idea when next you will see her or for your father, mother, brothers, sisters and grand parents or even your neighbours. Common Ladies! If you want to order for your folks, then make sure you are going to take care of the bill unless if he wants to do so. But even if he wants to do so, don't take advantage of him and order for the world.

4) Keep your phone on silent- It is rude for your phone to ring continuously in the middle of a conversation.

5) Last but not the least, have fun! Enjoy the food, enjoy the conversation. Laugh when you want to or feel like laughing. Appreciate the beauty in your environment. Thank the waitress and just be happy.
If he deserves a second date, you will know before the date is over and vice versa. Just eat, talk and be happy.

Thank him for the date (this should be while you exit the eatery/restaurant or the first date location) and leave things at that. Don't go disturbing his phone with calls, pings, emails or text messages. If he likes you, he will respect you and give you a call to check up on you immediately you get home and to also thank you for the date as well. He will also give you the honour of staying in touch. But till then, choose to be happy, choose to fall in love with yourself, you can read the post earlier published on ''Fall in love with yourself'' here >>>   and just choose to live.

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