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The World Most Mysterious Book


Some say there is no such thing as magic while others believe magic exist. Well, I believe in the supernatural. I believe in God and everything that He entails. Everything about God is like magic, it's like a mystery. However, they are not called magic, they are called miracles. Miracles are beyond mysterious. They are mysterious because you cannot just explain how what happened came about. Only a supernatural being (God Almighty) would have made something which was humanly impossible, possible.  

There is just this mystery in this book. Some call it the magic book, some call it the miracle book, some call it the wonder working book while others call it the speaking book. The reason why some call it the speaking book and how this book came into existence can be found here  >>> 
The name of ''The World's Most Mysterious Book'' is called The Bible which is also known as the The Word of God or The Holy Book or Holy Bible. Below are some of the reasons why The Bible is called ''The World Most Mysterious Book''.
The Bible does the following or gives the following to whoever that reads, studies or mediates it: 
- The Bible gives peace.
- The Bible gives unexplainable joy.
- The Bible heals.
- The Bible protects.
- The Bible preserves.
- The Bible restores.
- The Bible renews.
- The Bible provides.
- The Bible promotes/elevates.

- The Bible saves. 
- The Bible comforts. 
- The Bible gives life.
- The Bible grants victory.
- The Bible turns trials to testimony.
-  The Bible turns ones mess into a message.
- The Bible transforms.
- The Bible conquers.
- The Bible grants success. 
- The Bible gives answers to every questions there is.
And the list goes on and on... 

After reading what The Bible does or gives to whoever that reads it, will it not be safe to say that The Bible is The World Most Mysterious Book? If your answer is ''NO'' then I will very much appreciate it if you can tell us the book that does or gives the above mentioned. I await your response.  

No one reads The Bible and ever remains the same. 

Now that you have read about The World Most Mysterious Book, I believe it is time you start reading it to experience a great transformation in your life. Enjoy!

P.S- To me, The Bible is known to be The World Most Mysterious Book 

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