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The Wife And The Mistress


A time will come in the life of a man that he will fall deeply in love with a woman that he thinks of nothing but his future with this woman. They both get to know each other, things that only them can explain to each other. They later decide to get married. Few years passes by and the wife believes she still has the man she fell in love with but not knowing that she has lost him emotionally because she is either not playing her role as a wife again or she has relaxed in her duties.

The husband falls in love with another woman, sometimes or most times the wife doesn't get to know till it starts raining. The man probably must have promised the mistress the whole world, that he will divorce his wife. They sneak around to grace each other's beds in secret. But the truth is, every little secret will always come to light one way or the other eventually.

The truth the mistress fails to understand is that the chances of the man leaving his wife who he has built life together with and also the mother of his children is 5% . He will promise her (the mistress) his wealth, his life (if he loves her or just for promise sake) but the mistress might fail to understand that she is just a mistress. His wife knows his weaknesses and strengths and he also knows his wife's weaknesses and strengths. But for the mistress, he only knows her for a couple of months or years and might not really know who she is.

The wife owns the home, the wife rules the home but the mistress only graces his bed in secret. The mistress offers one or two advice which the wife's final words still stands. When the wife notices that she has lost her husband to another, she fights with everything in her. Why is that? Because she cannot lose the man she fell in love with, she cannot lose the father of her children, the years she spent build the man he is today cannot go to waste, she cannot lose the legacy she has patiently stayed up late and fought for to go down the drain because of a mistake she made and another woman is earning her life's labour and investment.

Yes, the man loves his mistress. Yes, his mind wants to leave his wife for the lady he is in love with. Yes, he is willing to destroy everything and bear the consequences to be with the lady he loves. But the real and bitter truth is that, the woman he loves is different from the woman he is in love with. Most times he is in love with his family (his wife) and he loves his mistress. He will never leave his wife and children to be with his mistress. He knows what his wife can do and what she cannot do. He knows his wife's strengths and weaknesses. He knows his wife's flaws but he only knows what the mistress chooses to show him. He doesn't know who the mistress really is. All he knows is a lady he fell in love with because his wife made a mistake by backing out in her wifely duties and still believes that all is well.

The sad part is, at the end, even when the wife thinks or believes she has lost him, his head will bring him back to her because the head is where the brain is and his mind is where the heart is. The heart doesn't think, it only acts. Why? Because the mistress is just a lady he met when the sun stopped shinning in his marriage. He will always return back to his wife, the lady woman he fell in love with, went into a relationship with, courted her and married her (a marriage approved by everyone (both God and man) and not sneaking around).

Do you know why? Because no matter how heavy the rain is, no matter how heavy the wind blows, a tree will always remain strong because the wife is the tree's root and the man is the tree. The wife with the help of God is the root that holds the tree and the mistress is a leaf that falls when there is an heavy storm. The mistress is a leaf that might hang on the tree for a while but it will eventually fall. It is safer, better and more peaceful to be a wife than the mistress. Cos in the end, the mistress loses the man she fell in love with, she loses her mind, she loses her peace and it's almost very difficult to get your life back after so much hope.

In conclusion, rather than dating married men and being the mistress in the hope of him leaving his wife and you eventually becoming wife, it is better and safer for the mistress to be patient and be your man's wife than be another man's mistress.

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