Monday, 28 July 2014

The Boyfriend Sweater And The Glam That Comes With It


As we all know by now, sweaters are among the things a lady/woman must have in her closest. You can find the list of other things that is ''A Must Have In Every Woman's Closet'' here >>>

The boyfriend sweater, there are different types of boyfriend sweaters but today, we will be talking about the one that comes with buttons in front. For a fact, I have no idea why this sweater is called the boyfriend sweater. Well, as long as it is a cute sweater, it keeps you warm and it makes you look glamorous when worn, then you are good to go right?

There is just this ''glam'', this uniqueness that comes with wearing the boyfriend sweater. You can wear it as a top, you could complement your office outfit with it. You could wear it on an outing and the list goes on. Rather than going on about this sweater, I believe pictures will do more justice to you seeing the glam and the uniqueness that comes with this sweater. Enjoy!

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