Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Making A Big Difference With A Pop Of Colour


We live in a world where most people are majorly interested in white and black or in neutral colours, which of course there is nothing wrong with it. However, a pop of colour will really make a big difference. A pop of colour makes a big difference in one's outfit or lifestyle as a whole. 

There are times, we get all dressed up, feeling fabulous or charming but we actually end up looking dull or boring in the eyes of others in terms of our outfit. Some might say ''well, I don't dress to please others''. Dressing to please is a NO NO. Dress to be happy. Dress to feel and look good and a pop of colour won't just light up the room when you step in, it will also make you look glamorous, breathtaking, charming and fabulous. Aside from a pop of colour making you feel the above mentioned, a pop of colour brings out the beauty in your outfit/home as you will soon see below. 
The colours below are colours that when worn requires a pop of colour:
- White
- Black
- Grey
- Brown
- Navy Blue
- Nude (Not being naked. There is a colour called nude).
- Army Green/Dark Green

Below are some of the colours you could use to pop up your outfit/home:
- Red
- Orange
- Light Green
- Light Blue
- Yellow
- Purple
- Dark Pink
- Light Pink amongst others.

A pop of colour means adding/mixing up a bright colour with a neutral colour in your outfit/home.
Here are pictures to demonstrate the above statement:

Have you seen how a pop of colour has clearly made a big difference in the pictures above? A pop of colour lights up an outfit and also the person wearing it. A pop of colour also lights up a room/home. Like the above picture says, I hope you have been inspired to boldly dare to be a pop of colour in a black and white world.

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Be Inspired To Dress, Look And Feel Like A King.
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