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Favourite Make-up Brands

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It is popularly being said that diamonds are a girl's best friends. However, they fail to add that make-ups, bags and shoes are a girl's close friends. A post will be published later on on bags and shoes but right now, let's focus on make-ups.

Make-ups! Every girl, well let's say most girls cos not every girl loves make-ups. However, make-ups are wrongly used by some girls/ladies/women. Make-ups are there to help enhance a girl's beauty not make her unrecognisable by others (appearing as who she is not making it difficult for others to recognise her).

Now, with that being said, every girl uses make-up for various reasons but the primary reason is to have that ''flawless make-up look''. Below is a list of my favourite make-up brands that have helped give me that ''flawless make-up look'':

Iman Concealer

Mac Concealer-

P.S- You might be interested in Ladies Why You Need A Concealer In Your Life

Mary Kay Foundation

Iman Powder

Mary Kay Powder
Mac Powder

Brow Pencil
Sleek Pencil-

P.S- Drug store pencils are also extremely great.

Eye Pencil/Eye Liner
Mac Pencil

Sleek Eye-shadow

Mary Kay Mascara

Eyelust Mascara

Sleek Blush

Lip Gloss
Squeeze and Shine Lip Gloss

Chanel Lip Gloss

Mac Lip Gloss

Mary Kay Lip Gloss

L'Oreal Lip Gloss

Lip Stick
Nyx Lip Stick

Mac Lip Stick
Sleek Lip Stick

Chanel Lip Stick

P.S- Confidence is the best accessory/make-up any human can ever have. Here is a post to elaborate more on this >>>  so while wearing make-up, always remember to carry your confidence along with you.  

I hope the list above inspires you to have that flawless and fabulous look you have always wanted.

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Be Inspired To Look And Feel Beautiful.

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  1. Sisi, what about our own Tara products?

  2. I have actually never used Tara products before dear and nobody has given me a review of the product.


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