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Falling In Love With A Man/Woman Who Is Already Involved With Another


Before I start I would love to break down what I mean by ‘’already involved with another’’. This could be a man/woman who is in a relationship/engaged/ married. There is one thing I always tell myself and it is this- any man that is already involved with another, be it in terms of relationship or is engaged is a ‘’no go area’’ while a man that is married literally means ‘’RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!’’. This is because it will be very unfortunate for you to be the reason why a man/woman either in a relationship, engaged or married go their separate ways. 

It is sad that some people do not really care about this or they do not have any problem with it in the name of ‘’we love each other’’ or ‘’he/she wants to call off his/her engagement for me’’ or ‘’he/she wants to file for a divorce’’ and he/she wants to any of the above just because of you? If the table were turned, like the person you are in a relationship with or engaged to or married to leaves you for another, how will you feel, behave or react? You probably will curse the life out of the man/woman or daily cry yourself to sleep right? You see, it is not worth it. Many might say ‘’well, they were having problems before I came along’’. But do you know that the greatest gift you can give them (the couple involved) is to pray for them from a distance and leave them to work on their relationship?

Relationship/Engagement- What is meant to be will always be. If that man/woman is in the wrong relationship or is engaged to the wrong person, leave God to separate them in his own way and give them their true significant other. Just allow the will of God be done in the said parties’ relationship.
You might say ‘’well, I am in love with him/her’’ or ‘’he/she loves me’’ aside from this being morally wrong, it is wrong in every aspect because at the end of the day someone will get hurt and most times, it might end up being you. Why is that so? This is because, many a times, no matter the heaven and earth he or she promised you, he/she may never leave his/her girlfriend/boyfriend or fiancĂ©e/fiancĂ©/ husband/wife. Just kill that feelings you have for him/her and keep your mind busy with by going out with friends, watching a movie, going to the games or falling in love with yourself.

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Remember, the greatest gift you can ever give yourself is to fall in love with yourself. You can do this by developing and building yourself, spiritually, mentally, socially, physically, academically, financially amongst others. Above all, allow God’s work on your heart. Also give God your heart and allow him place it in the hands of the right man/woman.

Do not be the reason a relationship ends or an engagement is called off. The sad truth is, what goes around surely comes around. Like Wendy Williams always say ‘’how you got him/her is how you will lose/keep him/her’’. You might decide to create deaf ears/blind eyes to this but soon reality and Karma will come knocking. The sad thing about Karma is that, it comes when you least expected or it visits without being invited. So, remove yourself from the picture/equation. Allow them work on their relationship and if it is meant to be, it will be. But if it’s not meant to bet… allow God be the deciding factor not you.

Marriage- In terms of falling in love with someone who is already married, as earlier stated ‘’RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!’’ Why did I say so? Let me break this down:
There are 3 people literally involved in a marriage and they are: The man, God and the woman. Notice that God is in the middle? This is because God is the pillar of every marriage. This is why the bible says ‘’what God has joined together, let no man put asunder’’. Remember, God is 3 in 1 that is, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. This simply means that you are not only coming in between the man/woman and his wife/her husband you are also pushing God away from the equation. God sees this as you trying to wrestle with Him. Remember, no one wrestles with God and lives to tell the story, because He is the Man of War and also The Almighty God.

It is a terrible thing for the wrath of God to fall on someone, very terrible. Aside from the man/woman crying to God to intervene, God is intervening even without him/her telling Him to do so. This is because you are trying to or have already put asunder what God officially joined together. This is pretty scary right? Now you see why I said RUN FOR YOUR LIFE? Best option now, is to take yourself far away from the scenario and pray that God helps them work on their marriage. This will please God in ways you’ve never imagined. This is how to amaze God with your request/prayer >>> 
and watch how God will surprise you with the most amazing, loving, caring man/woman. Remember, He is the Almighty God. God’s works are always exceptionally amazing. Submit completely to the will of God and allow Him take over.

Always remember, you are a priceless treasure in the eyes of God because you are the apple of His eye.

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