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Women’s Fashion Faux Pas (Women’s Fashion Don’ts)


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Ladies/women, let's begin. As ladies/women we love to be complimented. We love stepping out of our various homes looking beautiful, breath-taking, and glamorous the list goes on, right?

Different ladies/women have different reasons for dressing/looking good. Some say, they dress/look good for their boyfriends/fiancés/husbands, while some say they dress/look good to feel good and others say they dress/look good to be better than other ladies/women. Well, I will say the last reason is not really healthy or is it? The first reason is good while the second reason is great. When you dress to feel good, you notice that people around you admire your dressing as long as you do not dress provocatively and you respect your significant other with your dressing, you are good to go.  

Fashion/looking good is never about what is in vogue or what others are wearing. On the contrary, it is about what suits and complements your body type. It is about what you are comfortable on/in.

Below are some examples of Women’s Fashion Faux Pas/Women’s Fashion Don’ts:
-  Colour control- For example- pink dress/outfit with pink shoe, a pink bag, pink hair accessory/accessories, pink make-up and pink earrings. 
- Under sized dresses.
-  Under sized tops/shirts.
-  Under sized skirts/pants (trousers).
-  Wearing clothes that do not (stripes/pattern) that do not complement/flatter your body type.
Transparent outfits with no under garment.

- Extremely fitted/tight outfit.
-  Overly big dresses/shirts/tops/skirts/pants.
 P.S- A maxi dress/skirt does not fall under this category.
- Sagging- Unfortunately some ladies do sag.
-  Extremely heavy make-up.     
-  Stripes on stripes.
-  Pattern on pattern. 
-  Pairing an elaborate necklace with elaborate earrings.
- Wearing brooch and necklace together.
-  Allowing your undergarment show.
Stripes on pattern.
 - Pattern on stripes
- Wearing too much perfume or not wearing at all.
- Not smiling. 

Women’s Fashion Do’s to the above:
Colour controlling is alright but it shouldn’t go beyond 3 things you are colour controlling with.
- Moderately sized tops/shirts.
- Moderately sized skirts/pants (trousers).
- Knowing what suits your body type is the best option here. For example, there are some stripes/pattern outfits that do not ladies/women who are not slim and vice versa.
- Any transparent outfit should be worn with an undergarment. A lady should not leave little to the imagination.
- It is quite unflattering seeing ladies/women with extremely fitted/tight clothes. Yes you want to flaunt your figure but your figure should be flaunted with a moderately fitted outfit.
- Outfits that are excessively big are also unflattering. Knowing your size in terms of dresses/tops/shirts/skirts/pants amongst others will really go a long way in solving this fashion faux pas.
Common ladies! This is not lady like. Do queens sag? If your answer is yes, then by all means go on but if your answer is no, then it is time you pull your pants/skirts up. Remember you are a queen.
Heavy make-up is alright depending on the occasion. However, there are make-ups that are excessively heavy and this is not flattering. Make-ups should complement your beauty not make you unrecognisable.
-  Plain tops/shirts on stripes pants/skirts and vice versa. However there are some stripe outfit that can be worn on another stripe outfit. These are those outfits that are a little bit similar to each other.
-  Same goes for the stripes on stripe explanation. See picture below of an example of wearing pattern on pattern. As explained above. This can only be done when the patterns are a bit similar. 

There is too much going on. When wearing elaborate earrings, you should either pair them with a tiny chain necklace or no necklace at all. Same thing applies when wearing an elaborate necklace. Pair them with a stud earrings or tiny earrings.    
There is too much going on. There is no need wearing necklace and brooch together. A brooch is pretty much doing the work of a necklace when worn. Same thing applies when wearing a necklace. There is therefore no need wearing both at once.
This is not unflattering. An undergarment is called an undergarment for a reason. Right ladies? Allowing your bra hands or your undies show really is unflattering.-
- Same explanation as stripes on stripes and pattern on pattern.  
- A cologne or perfume should be moderately worn. A lady's perfume is not complete without a perfume.
- A lady's outfit is incomplete without a smile. Smile ladies/women! Smile    

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I hope you have been inspired. Please if there are women’s fashion faux pas you need to add to the above list, your contribution will be greatly appreciated. You can do so by commenting below and please be kind enough to 
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Be Inspired To Look and Feel Beautiful. 

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