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Where To Apply Perfume For A Long Lasting Smell


Many atimes we apply perfume and before the close of day, the scent of our perfumes begin to fade away, right? A fashion magazine once wrote that ''once dressing is incomplete without a perfume/cologne''.  Perfumes/colognes goes with ones personality. For example, what Mr/Mrs A will like to wear in terms of perfume is/maybe different from what Mr/Mrs B will like.

One of the greatest ways to leave a lasting memory behind is through ones perfume/cologne. That is, you are always remembered by that scent. For example, Mr/Mrs A has this distinguishing scent whenever he/she passes by. Now one will know that Mr/Mrs A is near the vicinity even without sighting him/her through the smell/scent. Also when someone passes by you with that same perfume A normally wear, the first thing that comes to your mind is Mr/Mrs A. As stated earlier, one of the greatest ways to leave a memory behind is through your scent.

Now, that it is said, when we sweat, a not so nice odour springs forth from our bodies causing an annoying smell to the nose or breathing of others. How can this be mitigated/reduced?

- Firstly by taking ones time to bathe properly.
- By adequate use of deodorant. It is advisable to use a deodorant that has no aluminium in its ingredients content. This helps prevent ones clothe in the arm pit area from turning yellow (Gentlewoman, Enitan Berola).

- Any clothe you sweat on, should be washed/dry cleaned before putting them back on.
- Use a perfume/cologne. But always remember that perfumes/colognes should be worn moderately. Excess application/wearing of perfume is a turn off/a NO NO.
P.S- Applying perfume/cologne directly on the armpit together with deodorant also causes body odour.

For ones perfume/cologne to last longer below are the places in the body to apply them as show in the picture above:
-Behind the ear
-Inside the wrist
-At the base of your throat.
-Inside your elbow
-Behind your knee.

The concept really is to apply perfume/cologne at your pulse point and when you do, you will notice that, your the scent of perfume/cologne will last all day.

Below are some suggestions of great perfumes/colognes for both men and women:

Women -
Affordable and exquisite perfumes
Body Fantasies 

Luxury Perfumes-
                                                                       Honey by Marc Jacobs

Chanel Chance 


Some say, the below colognes can be used as an everyday/luxury colognes. 





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