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What You Did Not Know About Oven Cooked Foods

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Cooking with the oven is one of the healthiest ways of cooking your meal/food. If cooking with the oven is one of the healthiest ways of cooking, that means oven cooked foods are healthy foods right? The answer is yes. Though cooking with gas/heater/stove amongst others saves time compared to cooking with oven, oven cooked foods however, are healthier compared to the above mentioned cooked foods.

Did you know that oven cooked foods help save the nutrients in our food when we cook them rather than destroy them?   

When we use gas/heater/stove to cook, many a times we tend to overheat our foods thereby destroying the nutrients in our foods. The nutrients that are meant to benefit us greatly/ perform its function in our bodies are destroyed as a result of overheating. On the other hand, for oven cooked foods, just put your food in the oven, time your cooking and once the timer reaches the time you’ve set it goes off on its own. This helps ensure that you do not over heat your food or destroy the nutrients in your food.

Did you know that oven cooking helps extract the oil in our foods?

There is no need adding oil to your cooking when using the oven to cook your meal. Oven cooking helps drain/extract the fatty contents like oil in your meal. This is good right? It helps us to ensure that we do not consume foods with excess fatty contents in them. Yes fat and oil is good for the body but oven cooked foods helps one eat them (foods containing fat and oil) moderately. Of course we all know that foods with fatty contents in them increases heart diseases, high bloody pressure, weight gain, cholesterol and many more. But the eating of oven cooked meals helps reduce these risks to the minimum.

Did you know that one of the greatest ways of losing weight is by eating oven cooked foods? The more you eat oven cooked foods the more you tend to lose weight.

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  1. Is this backed up with any scientific or experimental study? You're doing a good job. And IVE gotten much from your blog. Well done.



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