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The Power of Silence


There lies a great mystery in keeping quite. There lies a great mystery in listening more. There lies a great mystery in not revealing/saying everything that’s on your mind to others. It keeps people guessing. It commands respect whenever you open your mouth to speak. It allows people respect your words when you finally choose to speak. It brings peace and it helps prevent/avoid trouble.

A ‘popular saying goes thus ‘’silence is golden’’. Another popular saying goes thus ‘’speak only when your words are more beautiful than silence’’. A wise man once said ‘’speak 15% and listen 85%’’.  Silence and listening helps increase ones wisdom. It helps one observe its environment, people and the world at large. It makes one become a mystery to others. It helps one become watchful of the dangers around and ahead.

King Solomon is and will forever be the wisest man that ever lived on the surface of the earth. Why did I use the word ‘’is’’ when he is already dead? Simple, till date, there is no human that is or will ever be as wise as King Solomon till the end of the world. This is a promise God made to him and do not forget that God is a covenant keeping God (I Kings 3:12). God honours His word more than His name. God never ever breaks His promise cos He is forever a faithful God.

Why did I deviate a bit? I deviated a bit because I want to key in one of King Solomon’s words of wisdom found in Proverbs 13:3 which says ‘’He that keeps his mouth, keeps his life but he that opens wide his lips shall have destruction’’. These are not my words but the words of the wisest man on earth. These are the words of wisdom of the wisest man who ever lived or will ever live on the surface of the earth amongst others. Find more in the book of Proverbs.

Holding ones tongue helps ward off danger. It brings peace and most importantly it helps one live longer. However, the reverse is the case for the person who does otherwise (as illustrated/shown above).
There was a great mystery surrounding Esther before she became Queen Esther and for some time after she became Queen. She revealed to no one her identity or who she truly was or where she originated from. This was the counsel of her Uncle Mordecai to her. He said to her ‘’ensure you tell no one who you really are (Esther 2:10)’’. She built a wall of mystery around her. This made everyone wonder who she really was.

As earlier stated, the ability to hold ones tongue/being silent creates some level of wisdom. It helps one observe. It helps one go for the necessary rather than the desired/wanted. This was what Esther did. Other maidens went for expensive apparels, jewelleries and so much more for their one night with the king but wisdom made Esther inquire of Hegai (the King’s right hand man in terms of his servants) what she should and should not wear when it was her turn to visit the King. She also strictly adhered to Hegai’s counsel (Esther 2:15). By this action, Esther was distinguished amongst other maidens. Everyone saw her worthy to be looked at (Esther 2:15), above all, she found favour in the sight of the King and was eventually crowned king (Esther 2:17).

The power of silence… great mystery lies in being silent. Had Haman known that the queen (Queen Esther) was a Jew, he probably would have cautioned himself before going to the king to seek for a decree that all Jews be killed or he probably won't have gone to make such a request to the king . Now, the power of Esther’s silence about her identity and about her people saved the Jews, her inclusive. This also made the king reserve his decree through the mercy of God. The words of a wise man goes thus ‘’speak only your words are beautiful than silence’’ comes into play here.

Esther used wisdom to know when her words would be more beautiful than silence and she used them wisely, all thanks to the counsel of her Uncle Morcedai. It is of utmost importance to identify the right time to speak and when not to speak. It is also of great importance to be watchful of who you take counsel from and in the end, just like Queen Esther, it will all end in praise by the grace of God.

Remember, you are man or woman of wisdom, therefore speak only when your words are more beautiful than silence.  Please be kind enough to share this post with others and please also feel free to comment below.  

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